Friday, October 5, 2007

ginny girl

My Ginny girl--

Here is proof that time flies--- Just eleven years ago she was a 7#, bald, screaming, wonderful bundle in a pink blanket look at her now---

She is just like me- I watch her mind work as she looks at something and I know exactly what is coming out of her mouth.

She is quiet and thoughtful most of the time, but will jabber her head off about her daily adventures on the way home from school. She stops and picks up Ginger, the dog, as soon as she walks in the door, getting wet kisses as a reward.

She has the uneviable job of being the baby in the family. This means she has to balance the joy of being everyone's pet with the frustration of being the little sister, to a 14 year old who is all to quick to point our her childish ways.

I love her,without any reservation. She brings me so much joy. She still smells like a baby when I snuggle her in my bed and we watch "Raven".

Having one daughter already going through the throes of adolescent makes me want to hold on a little tighter before the wirlwind begins. She'll be fine. I know that she will transition just like her sister, beautiful and strong, but she will still be my baby---always


Loraena Tuttle said...

She looks so sweet!

DeAnna said...

Praise God I don't have to worry about any of this just yet -- BUT I do know what you mean about going through the throes of adolescence and wanting to keep them younger longer. I was looking at some of the teen girls in our church and thinking how they have changed so much from when we started there a couple years ago and they were 11 and now they are 13 and look much more grown up. I also was amazed because I remember quite well what I looked like at 13, it wasn't nearly as attractive on me, I totally blame it on my mom and her lack of knowledge with frizzy curly hair and making me wear cullottes. :) LOL! Don't laugh too hard, I do believe I have some incriminating pictures of you as well. :) Your daughter is beautiful - Happy Birthday to her!!!

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