Thursday, December 20, 2007

Treasuring Christmas Traditions

Hey! I just finshed reading the most awesome book by Noel Piper. It is all about creating traditions in your home that center on Christ. Yeah I know, you've probably read a million of those too, but this one was really good.

It got me to thinking about what Christmas traditions I had as a girl and what I've included in my family:

1. Remember the little pixie elf that sits on your shelf? Yeah, my mom always let me sit it on my dresser. I loved that little raggedy elf whose left leg had been chewed up by the dog. I saw one online an ordered it. Next year will be the return of the pixies elf.

2. My Dad always made the world's BEST fudge, He greased the pan with real butter and we loved it--- I make peanut butter/choc fudge every year. Virginia loves it but for some reason does not call it fudge-- "Mom, will you make that stuff, you know it's peanut butter on the bottom and chocolate on the top." "You mean fudge?" " Yeah" that's it!"
Same conversation every year.

3.Shrimp chowder every Christmas Eve.

4.Chevy Chase Christmas vacation watch it and laugh every Christmas eve.

5. My dad always read the Christmas story before unwrapping gifts. Wonderful idea, but I laugh when I think about how we were really wishing he would read faster---you know spiritual pastor's kids! :)

6.This year I started Advent candles

7.My brother-in-law writes the most wonderful cards to his wife and kids in their stockings-- I'm stealing this one and writing a Christmas Love letter to my hubby and kids this year.

What are your traditions that I could borrow?? I've always loved traditions. That's what memories are-- What are yours??

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Time would not permit me to tell you all the reasons I have been delinquent in posting. BTW- It is my New Years resolution to not only blog at least once a week, but also to buy a digital camera and catch up to 2008. Blogging is so much more interesting w/ photos and I feel like I am back in the stone ages. Hello Santa-- I'd love digital camera! :)

We went to Vegas. !! What fun!! It is truly like no other place I've ever been. We had such great time. I kept my eyes pealed the whole time for Brad and Angelina, but they managed to stay hidden the entire weekend.

We stayed at the Green Valley ranch. It was wonderful and also about 10 miles off the strip, so was plenty quiet .

Here's the best of Vegas:

Wayne and I in front of Ceasar's Palace.I wanted to see Celine-- but not bad enough to pay $475 per ticket.

Hoover Dam!! It's a long way down!!

OK- the fountains at Bellagio were my favorite! The music made it seem like the water was dancing. Right after taking this photo, some man on the corner stuffed a picture of a naked woman in Wayne's hand and I decided it was time to go---

Las Vegas, fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there!!

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