Saturday, November 27, 2010


for grace...given to me when I did not deserve it.

for love...... of a good man and great kids.

for family......the ones I'm related to by blood, and by love.

for a future......there is so much more than this.

for  trials....has helped me define what brings me joy.

for quiet......I am learning to "be still and know that You are God."

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's on my knitting needles?

This is an inside out sock. I have to finish the toe. I love this super soft yarn. It is really easy to knit up, and I am quickly becoming obsessed with socks. They are fast, interesting and who doesn't love  a pair of handknit socks as a gift?

I finished this bag before we went to Boston. I love the cabled braid strap. It was alot of fun to make, but I didn't allow for stretch in the yarn as it hangs over my shoulder, and by the second day in Boston, it was more of a knee bag instead of a hip bag. Gotta do something with it besides that ugly knot I put in it! I think the answer may be in letting it be a kntting bag to haul my yarn in vs. a real purse I guess my lip gloss collection can get weighty!

My favorite thing as of late are these precious booties. Who are they for? My sweet niece that is coming in May. She will have beautiful dark hair and eyelashes like her daddy.  I am working on another set for her red haired brother who is probably wild and doesn't like to wear booties, but that is just too bad. He will have to wear them.
My baby sister, Liz, is having babies....two of them!  God truly has granted her a double blessing for her trials!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, did you think I fell off the face of the earth? I usually don't take too long of a blogging break, but ever since we got back from Boston, life has been chaotic. Anyway.....Let's talk Boston

We stayed downtown at the Boston Park Plaza. Total awesomeness. Jazz band every night in the lobby, and two bathrooms in our suite. What more can you ask for?

Boston is the home of Harvard and MIT. All that brain power in one place...a little overwhelming huh?
Wayne's goal for this trip was to find Neptune Oyster which had been featured on one of his favorite shows "The Best thing I Ever Ate"
It was fabulous, even if we did underestimate the cost of a dozen oysters on the half shell. Basically blew out daily food budget on this one meal...but oh! so worth it!

 If you are a history buff like Wayne and I, you know that Boston is the seat of all things colonial.  The birth place of the United States.  Incredible history to take in....especially about this guy....
Paul Revere.

His home...

 and the North Church... remember " One if by land and two if by sea" ? Well, this is the place where it all went down.....

All in all, it was a fun trip. I heard "You have the funniest accent, Are you from the south? " about 50 times.  Wayne never could find a Waffle House and it rained the whole time, but being with the one you love makes it all worthwhile!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deer Dash

I love this race! I have run it many times over the year. It is a great 5K, challenging, cold and just the right amount of people.  This year I had some great girls to run it with me:

my pal Michelle, who is way better shape than I am, but hates to run. I know that she loves me if she'll train and run a race with me. She is a trooper and finished in less than 30 minutes!
Thanks for running with me Shel, just because you know it makes me happy!

These two little whippersnappers ran with us and placed in their division! Ahhhh, to be young again.

Thanks for running with me girls and making me feel like I still got my mojo! :)

Angie and Cason ran their first race and did so great! I'm hoping they are hooked on racing so we can rock the Will Robinson 5K in two weeks! Way to go girls!
*PS* I unashamedly ripped all these pics off Lindsey's FB page becasue she is the only one who brought a camera!**

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've always been and Adidas girl. I have really high arches, so after trial and error, I have worn Adidas cushion response for about 10 years. Well, I think I have a new favorite........

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm excited because......

........Wayne killed a deer last week and we are having venison meatloaf (When I type that why does it make me think of Jacob and Esau?) pinto beans, corn bread...Yum Yum!

......I not only filled out my app for my birthday marathon, but wrote out a training schedule (if you know me, you know planning and orginzation gives me a rash), and bought some brand new Saucony's this weekend. They are quickly becoming my favorite.... move on over Adidas.

.......Wayne and I are headed to Boston on Sunday. I have a nursing conference next week. Never been to Boston and Wayne, who is a history lover, and I  cannot wait to do a little exploring, eat lobster, and ride in the yellow duck boat!

.......I am on the ball with Scripture memorization again. It's been a long time and I've been lazy, but I am back on track.

.........Finished my actual first knitting project that is just for me! An awesome little denim colored bag. I have to put a liner in it and I will post a pic. It's going to Boston with me.  Now working hard on a scarf for a friend. I wanted to give it to her before I left this weekend, but I have a feeling it's going to Boston with me too.

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