Wednesday, December 31, 2008

top ten of 2008

Having always been a David Letterman vs. Jay Leno(or even Johnny Carson if we are exposing our age) kinda girl, I will salute 2008 by comprising my own top 10 highlights.

10. Leslie turned 15 in May and started driving. She is the best driver at her age I have ever seen. She way surpasses my driving skills at 39.

9.Virginia got contacts and now suddenly seems so much older, but she's still my baby and she can just get used to the fact that I will say that phrase forever.

8. We experienced two phenomenal camping trips: Spring break and Vogel. Camping is one of life's greatest pleasures. It is the outdoors and uninterrupted reading for days. Heaven for me!

7. We experienced death and new life. Our sweet friend Krista went to be with Jesus in October. We miss her, our loss, her gain! Lauren gave birth to a sweet baby boy in September, and brought him home a month later. He is a living example of our faith being made sight. Actually both of these people showed us that God gives complete healing, just in different ways!

6.I learned that despite a crummy economy, my helps comes from the Lord, and he blessed Wayne with alot of work. In fact, this was his biggest year.

5. Leslie and Wayne got to experience their first international mission trip in July. Life changing!

4. Wayne loved it so much, he went back to Macedonia with me in October. I love Macedonia. It's the home of my dear friend Gule. I am so excited about the day that Wayne and I take off overseas for a couple months to do missions every year.

3. My baby sis got married in November! We love Morgan as much as her. Such a great couple perfect for each other!

2.Our wedding/family reunion was the best family get-together we have ever had. It made me have one of those melancholy "life is rushing by to fast and I want it to slow down" minutes. Three days of fun and just catching up with dearest people in all the world.

1. My sister and BIL created blogs that have been so cool in keeping us connected. I feel like I talk to her every day now, even though both of us are way to busy to sit and chat.

To finish this list- I would like to report that while I usually never keep my New Years Resolutions, I did pretty good with one this year and it really paid off!

While not perfect, I really tried hard on#5 and #6. Worth it!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Red Top Mountain... the good, bad and the ugly

Our yearly post Christmas camp was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Red Top mountain is beautiful! It rained which actually kinda nice when you are camping. (in a camper of course)

I spent most of the time reading Respectable Sins a favorite book of mine by Jerry Bridges. Put it on your must read list for 2009.

Got to worship at First Baptist Woodstock on Sunday morning. Their choir is an event by itself!

The girls and I had a great time shopping and spending their Christmas money.

I ate an ungodly amount of chocolate and this one is a toss up for the bad list.

I watched Marley and Me with only Leslie while everyone else fried their brains on Grand Terino garbage. I felt full freedom to sob openly when the dog died, and of course I went straight home and loved on Ginger. Whether it was a combination of the story, post holiday blues, or PMS, I had a nice cleansing cry, without Wayne beside meto mock my tears!

Our friends little girl fell and broke her leg about 30 minutes after we got to the campground. With my terrific nursing skills, I advised them to let her lay around on a broke leg for a full 24 hrs.+ before taking her for Xrays. Just glad they are still speaking to me ! :)

Too much running and not enough sitting and chilling, my favorite camping activity.

Did not take one stinking camping picture for your viewing enjoyment!

I am so happy to have the rest of this week to enjoy. BTW- I've got a great New Year's Eve surprise for Wayne tomorrow. It involves a BBQ ribs, a fancy hotel and I'm not saying any more!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

nobody does it better....

I am a blessed woman. I married into a family that really knows how to do Christmas Eve right. Since I can remember Wayne, me and the girls spend Christmas Eve at Lynn's, his older sister. There are no awkward situations, drunk relatives or overbearing aunts who ask about my weight. Instead, we enter their home and experience an explosion of Christmas decorating that rivals Martha Stewart. Craig begins shortly after T-giving and the house is a smorgasbord of lights, greenery and sparkles. Come take a peak at our Christmas Eve celebrating:

This year was extra special because Patricia, Jay, Patrick and Christian from way up in Indiana were there and there is nothing like good time when Wayne and his sisters get together!

Lynn had a full agenda that included a craft project. Check out these super cool ornaments that we made. Leslie is deep in concentration!

Ta-Dah! Aren't these cuteness? Rub and stick letters, who'd a thought could bring so much fun for my girlies?

Next up was Christmas trivia, Oh yeah baby. The competition was fierce! I think there may have been a little cheating going on.....

Craig and Leslie played it cool. In the end neither of these two displayed very outstanding Christmas knowledge.
In Lynn's world of Christmas trivia everyone is a winner. We played Sneaky Santa and stole the highly coveted prizes. I walked away with a light up Nascar ink pen.
What's Christmas without gifts?

When it was all said and done, a great time was had by all. As for these two, well I guess they just can't keep up, or else they indulged in a little too much of Craig's legendary egg nog!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

This post is a collection of completely random happenings today.

- My friend Hollie is pregnant. She is such a sweety! I am praying she has a girl because she is over the top fru-fru.

-I finished my last day of work until January 5th! I loved saying "See ya' next year" when we left today.

-Wayne and the girls helped me grocery shop. It was fun. Wayne and I like to play a guessing game at the check out. We both say the number we think the bill will be and see who's closest. I was $23.00 off. (to the good)

-I talked to Lynn my SIL. She is hosting the Christmas Eve shindig like she does every year. I am so glad that Wayne's oldest sister and family from Indiana are coming. That is a real treat since we seldom spend Christmas together.

-Tomorrow is date afternoon with Wayne. He is taking me to lunch, then finish up shopping. Looking forward to lunch, not so much the Walmart madness.

- I have not spoken to either one of my girls the entire weekend, because they have been completely absorbed in the vampire world of "Twilight". I have had to pry the book from their fingers and beg them to eat. Leslie is one book #2 and is totally oblivious to the fact that she is in the middle of a toxic dumping ground of a bedroom!

- This plate is my favorite Christmas gift so far. It is complete cuteness. BTW- She was one my "cut off" list
- Have you ever noticed that half the fun of the holidays is the days leading up to it? Enjoy your pre-Christmas days. Hug you babies, kiss your man, and let the rude people at Walmart jump ahead of you! It's all good!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


"Don't be frightened Mary", the angel told her "for God has decided to bless you!
You will become pregnant and have a son, and you are to name him Jesus. He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David. And he will reign over Israel forever; His kingdom will never end.

Luke 1:29-30

If you were Mary,
...would you have believed it could happen?
.....Would you have welcomed it?
.....would you have worried about Joseph, your parents, your friends?
....would you have said, "I am the Lord's servant, and I am willing to accept whatever He wants. May everything you have said come true." Luke 1:38

Friday, December 19, 2008

Breaking with tradition

Last night Wayne informed me that he no longer wants our traditional Christmas dinner: steaks and baked potatoes. Well fantastic, there goes my easy breezy Christmas day. In order to show my complete submission as a wife, I'm gonna slave over a turkey and etc. etc. etc. this year. My problem is that I get tired of the same old thing. In fact, Thanksgiving was a month ago and this is basically a rerun. So my question to you is this: What do you eat on Christmas Day? I'd like to spice it up a little, and stay away from the usual, dressing, mash potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Look what I just found

The girls are spending the night with friends, and Wayne is glued to the tube watching "Death on the Nile". Don't ask, way too complicated to explain his bizarre taste in movies. I was bored and decided to wrap presents and happened upon this:

A closer look revealed that it is to me from my three most favorite people:

I succumbed to my desires and shook it. I'm clueless. Could be anything from a ipod to a diamond ring. Chances are I'll finally get to stop humming while I run after that whole unfortunate "washing the ipod in the washing machine" incident. Then again, I may be sporting some bling bling come Christmas day. 1 more week!

Christmas program

Not so long ago, my sweet girls were in preschool and their Christmas program involved red velvet jumpers, big green hairbows, Santa and Christmas carols sung a little off key at top volume. Now days, Christmas programs include recitations that are more detailed than I can manage.

They are still adorable to me:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just for today....

Yesterday morning at church, I saw a friend of mine, who lost his wife to cancer just 2 months ago come forward and pray. Right there at that minute my world stopped as I watched him. No doubt this Christmas will be alot different. Last year his wife had just been diagnosed, yet they were hopeful. Today, he is alone, but not hopeless. He knows where his wife is, but that makes him no less lonely.
I joined him in prayer from my pew, and as I prayed for him, God whispered in my ear, "Just for today, enjoy all I've given you."

So, just for today, as I ran in the misty rain this morning, I enjoyed two strong legs and the thrill of the wind in my face.
Just for today, I listened and smiled as I chatted with my girls on the phone.
Just for today, I really listened to the girls I work with and realized that they are also very good friends of mine.
Just for today, I kissed my husband, and as I hugged him close, I breathed his scent in and whispered to him how much I loved him.
Just for today, I laughed, listening to Wayne tease the girls over supper.
Just for today, I pushed my cart through Walmart, and as I loaded it with groceries, I thanked God for money to pay for everything I could possibly need for a week.
Just for today, I stopped and petted my big black cat that rubbed against my leg as I walked up the porch.
Just for today, I held my precious friend's baby in my arms and smiled as I thought of how wonderfully perfect he is.
Just for today, I hugged that friend close and told her I loved her.
Just for today, I sang along with the radio " Thank you for the Cross Lord".
Just for today, I realized that every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of the Heavenly Lights, who never changes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

When Daddy's gone.....

I lay in sissy's lap because I have no choice.

My heart ache is real. The best thing I can do is just close my eyes and sleep the hours away until my Dad gets home. Oh how I love him! Hurry home Dad!

Office Party Rules

Last night was my office party. Um, Yeah it was...interesting. Can I invite you to follow these simple rules at your Christmas office party?
1)If you are involved in a gift exchange, do not give sweaters, especially holiday ones that involve applique as your gift.
2)No matter where you order to eat do not give lengthy, complicated orders to the waiter. Just eat it for goodness sake!
3)Please do not drink in excess. This may be OK at a frat party, or at you cousin Ernie's Christmas keg get together, but not at the office party.
4)If you choose to ignore rule #3 please stay off the table.
5)If you still ignore Rule #3, please have a friend or coworker assigned to help you stay dressed at all times.
6) Again, if you ignore rule #3, please do not hit on the 18 year old male waiter, oh wait a minute, she was sober, OK, this rule applies if drunk or sober!

By following these simple rules, you can assure yourself of a fun time, while maintaining your employment!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Facebook vs. blogger

I started blogging long before I ever had a Facebook account. In fact, I haven't been on facebook that long. I actually wanted to be "friends" with my girls so that was the whole point of FB. They lovingly explained to me that this was not possible, because their reputation would take a beating to have my smiling face in their friends list. It hurt, but I started hanging around FB and I have met up with some old friends, lots of my high school and college friends that I lost track of have reunited with me! It has been so fun. Leslie still reminds me that FB originally was started "for the kids, and now all the adults have just taken over!"

The truth is FB is addictive. I limit myself, or else the clothes would never get washed, children fed or husband loved on!

To be honest however, I enjoy blogging and reading blogs a whole lot more! There are people I never met that I really feel like I know from reading thier blogs. What about you, do you like blogs or FB, or both?

Monday, December 8, 2008

This is bizarre on so many levels

If the depressing economic news has left you thinking there is nothing worth reading in your favorite news outlet check this out!

I can think of about 10 wisecracks right off the bat, but due to my sweet, compassionate nature I will forgo the jokes about how they will both be toothless, feeding the baby at night, since you'll be up 50 times to potty yourself, and on and on it could go.
Hey who am I to laugh? I sure don't want God to pull a Sarah and Abraham on me!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My favorite ornaments

At our house, the Christmas tree is a jumble of fancy ornaments, to the dogbone reindeer ornament from Virginia's 1st grade year. I've never been one to relegate the handmade ornaments to another tree. I mean, Christmas is about family right? So it is a wonderful walk down memory lane every year when the girls pull out all kinds of macaroni art and glitter balls from years gone by. You can have your fancy tree, give me my tree with ornaments made by little hands over the years. A love filled tree! Take a look at some of my favorites:

Macaroni tree-

Paintbrush Santa-

Lightbulb Santa

Candy cane mouse

Styrofoam Santa


By Faith Abraham said yes to God's call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home, when he had no idea where he was going. By an act of faith he live in a country promised to him, lived as a stranger camping in tents. Abraham did it by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations- the City designed and built by God.
Hebrews 11Align Center

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why would you want a stinkin' boy?

I am the mother of two gorgeous girls. I wouldn't trade anything for them! Life in our house has always been full of giggles, babydolls, playing house. Gentle and sweet.

Why in the world would you want a stinkin' boy? They are destructive! They are loud and like guns!

Girls love to group together, share secrets and giggles
While boys prefer to kill each other, and break anything of value in their path.

Girls can make a fool of their daddy, with a smile on their pretty little face the entire time!

So I ask you, what do you see in a little boy that could possibly make you want one? They are trouble looking for a place to happen!

I can't think of a single reason I'd want one...except...well...maybe that precious grin. What secrets do you have behind that mischievous grin?

And those eyes! I've always been a sucker for baby blues!

OK, so maybe I'd love to have a little boy at my house! Wouldn't Wayne look sweet with a little guy following him around?

I guess we'll just borrow Gage, or wait around for grandbabies... That's a long time from now!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

If this doesn't put you in the Christmas mood, you are a Grinch!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

***Christmas Shopping Update***

Due to our decision to downscale the whole Christmas spending this year... I'll be completely done with my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I am excited. It's been somewhat of a relief to stay within my budget, and get gifts for the girls and Wayne that hopefully they will really enjoy. Every year I say I am going to try to keep my focus on Christmas and not let my spending getnout of hand, but usually I go over budget, then feel badly about it. This year I've done a pretty good job. Feels good.

Now the only issue... what do you do about people who give you a gift, but due to your downsizing, you choose to limit your giving, and they just didn't make the cut on your list? How do you manage to not hurt their feelings, but keep you spending reigned in?

What do you do to try and keep your focus on relationships and the experience and not "stuff"? I'm curious....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Probably the greatest music ever made

I cruised through rush hour traffic this evening with Bryan Adams. Together we belted out "The Summer of '69" Ah yes, 80's music at its best! It was "Almost Paradise". Seriously, any self respecting child of the 80's will tell you that Journey's "Open Arms" is some of the greatest music of all time. I don't care that every member of Air Supply was gay, their made me cry.

By the time I turned on the drive this afternoon, for a moment I was no longer a middle age mom. No I was a girl with big air and high tops singing all about the "Greatest Love of All" and sorry Whitney, it is not Bobby Brown. How could you make such great music, but such tragic love choices?

While some of my friends loved the shrieks of Def Leppard and Guns-N-Roses, I was dancing to "Crazy for You" by Madonna. There is nothing sweeter that 80's love song.

As a tribute to chicks from the 80's" I give you Chicago:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas....

We came home from the movies tonight and this is what we saw as we came up the drive:

Ahhh, Christmas lights! It's been a few years since we hung any outside. In fact, since we've been out here we haven't. It didn't seem to make any sense because no one can see up our drive. Then I decided we were worth it! Everytime I come home it makes me smile and hum a Christmas song when I see the lights!

Thanks Pastor Andy

22words is asking readers to post why they appreciate their pastor and win them tickets to Desiring God conference. What a great idea! Here is why I appreciate Pastor Andy:

I love Pastor Andy because he has opened to door to world wide missions in our church. Previous to his coming, we supported missions in a very limited way. He has shown our church family through the study of God’s Word, how God desires for the nations to know Him. What’s even more significant, is how he has taught us to put feet to our words and through short term missions live it out. Our fellowship is now active and excited about spreading God’s Good News to the nations!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

You might be a redneck....

If you prepare the Thanksgiving turkey in the backyard!!!

Oh yeah, it's true I'd be slightly embarassed to post this, if the fried turkey had not been so delicious!

P.S.- that's my sweet Ginger dog laying behind Craig's neck!

It's the things you don't think of....

In the spirit of 22 words, here at the Welch's we are thankful for the little things:

1)Living in the country instead of the city!
2)Hot coffee in the morning
3)A good hair day
4)A little doggie to curl up with
5)Cracker Barrel when you're on the road
6)Juju fruits
7)Parking space close to the door at Walmart
8)Big Lots and $20

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with with a heart of gratitude for the little things!
Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

Wayne injects the turkey while, everyone else watches the parade.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Welch's!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wasn't really ready for the fun to end..

We just got home from 4 days of near bliss.
....A wedding that was beautiful, yet made me feel a little old and sad that my baby sister is now married....
....two days of sheer relaxation where I didn't move much further from the bed than to my chair on the beach, back up to the chair on the deck, then back to the get the idea.
...catching up with my sisters that I don't see that often. So glad that Heather and Geoff are bloggers so at least we connect more.

The only unblissful part
....was listening to Wayne hack and spew all over me with his newly acquired cold.
... sitting on I-75 for an hour this evening, but so glad it wasn't us in the wreck.
...realizing how large my butt is in photos that catch me from behind. Dern it I've got to diet!

Tomorrow I will grace you with photos, but let me leave one quick one for your viewing pleasure!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What a beautiful bride

It was a beautiful wedding, and she was a beautiful bride! More to come. Having a great time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little sis' is gettin' hitched

She's the baby, the caboose, the little one who had to grow up pretty much by herself. By the time she was in school, the rest of us where married and having our own babies. Even now it's hard to realize she is grown and been on her own for 3 years!. Liz is getting married this Saturday to such a sweet guy. We met Morgan at Christmas last year and love him! No more baby in the house. In fact, I hope that we'll have another new baby around soon . The youngest grandbaby is already eight!

Not only are we going to a wedding, we are having a family reunion! Our family hasn't all been together since summer of 2007. We are way overdue! I am so excited! Heather and I will be taking pictures galore to post on our blogs, so we'll let you in on all the fun when we return, just in time for Lynn and Craig to get here for Thanksgiving.... the fun never stops. Now that is entirely different story! Have I ever told you about shopping with Lynn and Megan the day after Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thought for Tuesday...

Though you have not seen Him,
you love Him,
and even though you do not see Him now,
you believe in Him
and are filled with inexpressible and glorious joy.
I Peter 1:8

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You know it's Christmas at our house when.....

1) We go family shopping. One Saturday before Christmas we go to the city, split up and shop with the girls. They find gifts for each other and for me and Wayne. We go to lunch somewhere really good and then to see the Christmas movie.

2) We go to Aunt Lynn and Uncle Craig's for Christmas Eve. This is probably my favorite tradition. Since the first year we were married, Christmas Eve Has meant a trip to Lynn, Wayne's sister. We spend all day laughing. The kids open presents. Craig and Wayne hang out on the deck smoking cigars and grilling deer tenderloin. Lynn cooks shrimp chowder. After we eat, Wayne and I and Lynn and Craig ride around and look at lights. The night is finshed off by eating some sort of ridiculously good cake Lynn made and watching "Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation" Yes, we watch it every year!

3)we turn out the lights after the girls decorate the tree and eat Christmas cookies and hot chocolate or tea while we look at the lights glow.

4)Candle light Christmas service.... Beautiful!

What are some favorite Christmas traditions at your house?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Young Love

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CMA review, or I was country when country wasn't cool

I watched the CMA's with Wayne and Virginia last night. We all agreed that:
1) Taylor Swift may be cute but she cannot sing! Her live performance made me cringe in a few places.
2) Carrie Underwood is gorgeous and can sing, but my allegiance still lies with Alison Krauss, she should have won female vocalist.
3) George Strait is one sexy man (OK Wayne didn't actually voice this opinion)

I loved country music in the days of Barbara Mandrell and Alabama. It has changed over the years and not necessarily for the better. Yeah, I was country when country wasn't cool.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mema

Last night we celebrated my mother's 65th birthday. In was a night of hot wings, bakery cake and laughter. In honor of her journey to senior citizen I want to list top 10 reasons why I love my mom.

1)She is BY FAR the world's BEST grandmother (or MeMa as the girls call her)
2)She neither coddled or spoiled any of her daughters, and as a result she raised 5 strong women.
3)She taught us to LOVE books. Oh the places I have traveled through reading!
4)She has endured suffering in her life, buried a daughter,and both parents, raised 5 kids on little money but was never given to complaining and many times I heard her say "this too shall pass."
5)Married at 17, she was determined that her daughters would go to college, and we all did. She placed a high value on education.
6)She speaks her mind, at times that has caused lots of friction, but you never doubt where you stand even if you don't agree.
7)She is my dad's soulmate, they are truly the best of friends.
8)Birthdays were a huge celebration. Even now, when I turn 40, she'll make my favorite meal---lasagna and chocolate cake!
9)She sewed all our clothes, and one of my favorite memories was the fabric store, where we'd pick out fabric and patterns for Easter dresses!
10)She showed all of us the way to Jesus. She has lived out a faith that has been at times hard, but genuine.

This and many reasons more are why I say I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Virginia Lee is the youngest in the family. That can be good,or bad, depending on the situation. I love this girl for lots of different reasons. It's true, she gets away with alot. I have hardly ever spanked her, but the reason is she is seldom bad. She is compassionate and always looks for ways to help me and make me happy. We abuse this by always picking her to help find missing keys, feed the cats, or help bake cookies. She loves to talk when it's just me and her. I am enjoying every minute, knowing that all too soon, adolescence will steal those precious moments from me. One of my favorite things about Ginny is that she has a great sense of humor. She can really enjoy the funny things in life, and is not scared to laugh at herself! One of the best parts of motherhood is those moments of just hanging out with your kids and enjoying them!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What are you doing right this very minute?

I am
1)smelling bacon fry while Wayne cooks his Sunday night special: pancakes and bacon
2)enjoying Virginia giving me a back rub (I hurt my back playing racquetball this week. It really sucks to hit 40)
3)listening to the familiar sounds of Nascar from the TV. Wayne's favorite Sunday night viewing, hey I have to let him watch it... he's cooking!
4)thinking about how much I enjoyed worship this morning. We sang my favorite song "Jesus Messiah" Love it! Love it! I got to see my favorite friend Lauren.
5)hoping Leslie's ear infection and croupy cough get better by tomorrow.

What are you doing? besides reading this post?!?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My world view

When I met Wayne, he told me that one day, when he had a family, they would live in the country. I was very interested in being that family he spoke of, and sure enough after 17 years, that's exactly where we live. We moved out in the country 3 years ago. I love it! I don't know that I could ever live with someone right up next to me again.
This is the view from my front porch- my favorite spot!
This is where I drink coffee, Relax after runs, spend quiet time with Wayne or one of the girls.

These two warriors are very valuable in keeping mice and snakes at bay!

This is the tract of land next door that we are in the process of buying. Wayne saw an big buck in it this morning! To the far left is two huge oak trees, under them is a cemetery from the Civil War. A little boy and his mama are buried there.

My closest neighbor

Only sign of spring left


Friday, November 7, 2008


This is how I feel.
Maybe it's PMS.
Maybe it's from not being able to say NO!
Maybe I'm focused on the wrong things
Maybe I let people take advantage of me.
Maybe there's not enough hours in the day.
Maybe I'm too scared to make changes that will make others mad or disappointed.
Maybe if I don't change something my head is going to explode!
Maybe I should just be glad it is Friday!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red dress

I think Reese Witherspoon is precious!
I love this red dress... If I had somewhere I could wear it,
I'd buy it!
How could you not feel beautiful wearing it?

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