Wednesday, December 31, 2008

top ten of 2008

Having always been a David Letterman vs. Jay Leno(or even Johnny Carson if we are exposing our age) kinda girl, I will salute 2008 by comprising my own top 10 highlights.

10. Leslie turned 15 in May and started driving. She is the best driver at her age I have ever seen. She way surpasses my driving skills at 39.

9.Virginia got contacts and now suddenly seems so much older, but she's still my baby and she can just get used to the fact that I will say that phrase forever.

8. We experienced two phenomenal camping trips: Spring break and Vogel. Camping is one of life's greatest pleasures. It is the outdoors and uninterrupted reading for days. Heaven for me!

7. We experienced death and new life. Our sweet friend Krista went to be with Jesus in October. We miss her, our loss, her gain! Lauren gave birth to a sweet baby boy in September, and brought him home a month later. He is a living example of our faith being made sight. Actually both of these people showed us that God gives complete healing, just in different ways!

6.I learned that despite a crummy economy, my helps comes from the Lord, and he blessed Wayne with alot of work. In fact, this was his biggest year.

5. Leslie and Wayne got to experience their first international mission trip in July. Life changing!

4. Wayne loved it so much, he went back to Macedonia with me in October. I love Macedonia. It's the home of my dear friend Gule. I am so excited about the day that Wayne and I take off overseas for a couple months to do missions every year.

3. My baby sis got married in November! We love Morgan as much as her. Such a great couple perfect for each other!

2.Our wedding/family reunion was the best family get-together we have ever had. It made me have one of those melancholy "life is rushing by to fast and I want it to slow down" minutes. Three days of fun and just catching up with dearest people in all the world.

1. My sister and BIL created blogs that have been so cool in keeping us connected. I feel like I talk to her every day now, even though both of us are way to busy to sit and chat.

To finish this list- I would like to report that while I usually never keep my New Years Resolutions, I did pretty good with one this year and it really paid off!

While not perfect, I really tried hard on#5 and #6. Worth it!


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