Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Red Top Mountain... the good, bad and the ugly

Our yearly post Christmas camp was a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Red Top mountain is beautiful! It rained which actually kinda nice when you are camping. (in a camper of course)

I spent most of the time reading Respectable Sins a favorite book of mine by Jerry Bridges. Put it on your must read list for 2009.

Got to worship at First Baptist Woodstock on Sunday morning. Their choir is an event by itself!

The girls and I had a great time shopping and spending their Christmas money.

I ate an ungodly amount of chocolate and this one is a toss up for the bad list.

I watched Marley and Me with only Leslie while everyone else fried their brains on Grand Terino garbage. I felt full freedom to sob openly when the dog died, and of course I went straight home and loved on Ginger. Whether it was a combination of the story, post holiday blues, or PMS, I had a nice cleansing cry, without Wayne beside meto mock my tears!

Our friends little girl fell and broke her leg about 30 minutes after we got to the campground. With my terrific nursing skills, I advised them to let her lay around on a broke leg for a full 24 hrs.+ before taking her for Xrays. Just glad they are still speaking to me ! :)

Too much running and not enough sitting and chilling, my favorite camping activity.

Did not take one stinking camping picture for your viewing enjoyment!

I am so happy to have the rest of this week to enjoy. BTW- I've got a great New Year's Eve surprise for Wayne tomorrow. It involves a BBQ ribs, a fancy hotel and I'm not saying any more!


Heather said...

What... You didn't take any pictures??? That has to be a first.

Tina said...

TMI !!! Missed you!

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