Monday, December 1, 2008

Probably the greatest music ever made

I cruised through rush hour traffic this evening with Bryan Adams. Together we belted out "The Summer of '69" Ah yes, 80's music at its best! It was "Almost Paradise". Seriously, any self respecting child of the 80's will tell you that Journey's "Open Arms" is some of the greatest music of all time. I don't care that every member of Air Supply was gay, their made me cry.

By the time I turned on the drive this afternoon, for a moment I was no longer a middle age mom. No I was a girl with big air and high tops singing all about the "Greatest Love of All" and sorry Whitney, it is not Bobby Brown. How could you make such great music, but such tragic love choices?

While some of my friends loved the shrieks of Def Leppard and Guns-N-Roses, I was dancing to "Crazy for You" by Madonna. There is nothing sweeter that 80's love song.

As a tribute to chicks from the 80's" I give you Chicago:


Cathryn said...

Oh girl, I am so with you...Big Hair and all! I have worn out Chicago, Journey, and of course, Air Supply greatests hits cds. Maybe that should be the entertainment at our Christmas Party...80's Love Song Karaoke!

Liquidspider said...

Yeah you're right their gay!!

Tina Gillian said...

And don't forget Styx!

Heather said...

Bryan Adams is the best! Do you remember that old cassette tape of his we had and listened to forever? That tape made so many trip back and forth to NM.

DeAnna said...

What? They were gay? J/K :) For a minute watching that video, I was 16,with way too much eye liner and my hair in a side ponytail in a banana clip pining over some crazy crush. For our 10th anniversary, one of the gifts I made for my husband was a "mixed CD" of a bunch of great songs from the 80s. :) So maybe it was actually for me..... We played it and laughed thinking how we would totally bring this music out and embarass our kids when they are older.

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