Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Look what I just found

The girls are spending the night with friends, and Wayne is glued to the tube watching "Death on the Nile". Don't ask, way too complicated to explain his bizarre taste in movies. I was bored and decided to wrap presents and happened upon this:

A closer look revealed that it is to me from my three most favorite people:

I succumbed to my desires and shook it. I'm clueless. Could be anything from a ipod to a diamond ring. Chances are I'll finally get to stop humming while I run after that whole unfortunate "washing the ipod in the washing machine" incident. Then again, I may be sporting some bling bling come Christmas day. 1 more week!


Cathryn said...

I hope its a blinged out ipod! Frank's blingy present came Tues night and I can't wait to give it to him! And the tile is beige...He's grouting it this afternoon. Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Too bad I'm not there, I'd tell you what it is. Remember on Christmas Eve we would tell each other everything we knew Mom bought for us. I still can't keep secrets

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