Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Memorization Technique

Hey- Here's a link to the technique used in yesterday's post:

Once on this page just scroll down and read Approach to Extended Scripture Memorization.

Hope this helps!

summer days

Ok... So here we are after shopping in Cozumel and I threatened the girls with bodily harm if they did not stand there and smile like they were loving every minute of this! It was 150 degrees and we were dehydrated and smelled awful at this point!:)

CAn you say tourist?? We thought we were all that on this private beach in Cozumel!

Let me tell you about "Aunt Lynn". She is Wayne's older sister and perhaps the funniest person I know. She can make me laugh so hard I wet my pants! She knows how to fully enjoy hereself. The girls adore her. (and think she's a little wierd) She makes them do strange things like paint her toenails and tells them hilarious stories about their daddy when he was a boy. She says words that they are not allowed to-- and then they all giggle when she says "whoops- I'm sorry I didn't know you where standing there" Everyone should have an Aunt Lynn-

Who is that hot sexy man?---He's all mine girls!

It looks like we are about to go overboard here! The wind did great things for your hair! How did my girly get to be taller than me?

The best part of the cruise is getting all dolled up after a day of sun and act like a super star while eating cool stuff you never would at home-- like lobster, escargot, and strawberry bisque. These two chicks had the time of their lives!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, it all started out when I was reading a John Piper book. That guy is so deep, I have to stop and come up for air ! Anyways, while reading "When I Don't Desire God- Fighting for Joy" (How's that for an honest title?)I was in the midst of a very dry spiritual season. I guess the title is what attracted me to the book. One of his chapters discussed Scripture memorization. UGH! How I hate using my brain for anything more taxing than reading People magazine. I decided that perhaps this dry spell was in fact that the Holy Scriptures had to compete with daily doses of the newspaper, online magazines, etc.-- so I decided to enlist the help of my prayer partner (see picture) and memorize the book of James. Why James? Why not? It talks all about big mouths of which I am chiefest of sinners:)
Using his really cool technique- we have made it to chapter 3:10 as of this morning. It has taken us 5 months so far. The hardest part for my ADD mind is to stick to it daily! However, can I tell you that it has been life changing? My dry spell has gone and I feel much more fruitful!
My prayer partner and dear friend is Michelle. I love her! Don't you love it when God plants a complete polar opposite in your life?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gone campin'

We just got back yesterday from the cruise. It was a blast! I will have pictures posted soon. It was everyting I wanted it to be... relaxing, fun, and as romantic as you can be with your two kids in the room with you :)
We are on our way to go camping in the mountains at Enota RV Resort. Gotta cram in all the fun we can! Ahhh- Camping. One of the great pleasures in life!. Where else can you forget about laundry, let your husband do all the cooking, and let your kids run around dirty and half naked? Here is my grown up girl Leslie standing in the door of our new camper. It has been such a fun summer!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Three days and counting..........
Only three more days until we pack it all up, jump in the van and head to Tampa. Then we are set to enjoy five glorious days aboard the Carnival ship- The Inspiration. According to the website, we will eat fabulous food, my children will be constantly smiling and laughing-no time for arguing or fighting. Wayne and I will be sporting awesome tans, holding hands, and dancing under the moonlight. No unrealistic expectations around here! Listen, I'll be happy to spend some time on the Leedo deck, sitting in a lounge chair and reading my new Francine Rivers book. Wayne is focused with a detailed mission of tasting every buffet. I'll certainly let you know how summer vacation 2007 goes, complete with pics when I return!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Gatlinburg pics

Here are Gatlingurg pics:

Prettiest spot I know! Cades Cove

Wayne was in heaven!

Here are all the cousins!
My Ginny-girl was a maniac on wheels!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Reunited and it feels so good.....

We just got back from a family reunion in Gatlin burg. My 3 sisters and I live in 4 different states. Getting everyone together at one time for a weekend takes lots of work and planning. Heather (sister #3) planned this weekend about six months ago. I am so glad, because we had such a great time. Gatlinburg was beautiful! Highlights included:
- Early Sunday morning ride through Cades Cove (Wayne's favorite place in all the world, 2nd only to his mama's home in Tenn.)
- Watching my girls laugh and hang out with cousins they don't see to often.
-Watching my nieces, nephews and girls drive like maniacs at the NASCAR track

I am planning our next reunion for summer 2008. I need some great ideas for a family place in Tenn. or Kentucky.

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