Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gone campin'

We just got back yesterday from the cruise. It was a blast! I will have pictures posted soon. It was everyting I wanted it to be... relaxing, fun, and as romantic as you can be with your two kids in the room with you :)
We are on our way to go camping in the mountains at Enota RV Resort. Gotta cram in all the fun we can! Ahhh- Camping. One of the great pleasures in life!. Where else can you forget about laundry, let your husband do all the cooking, and let your kids run around dirty and half naked? Here is my grown up girl Leslie standing in the door of our new camper. It has been such a fun summer!


Mary Watkins said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the photos from Ukraine. You are going to love going on a foreign mission trip. This was my first trip to Ukraine but in the previous four years my huband, Mike and I have been to Brazil on mission. We have been very fortunate because the missionaries we worked with were very organized. Everything worked like clockwork. One thing to remember is flexibility. God is going to bless you beyond measure. I

Have fun on your camping trip. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Great hearing from you today!

Loraena said...

I haven't been a huge fan of camping for most of my life, but we went with a large group of friends from church over the 4th and it was super fun. I think I am "getting" it now. =)

Enjoy your trip!

steph said...

hay mama in this pic sissy is wearin a shirt i wear now COOL :D

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