Friday, April 15, 2011

Joshua: the original tough guy

My morning Bible reading has taken me through Deuteronomy and Joshua.  I am thinking that the book of Joshua should be turned into a major motion picture. I can hardly wait to read what happens next.  There is every element of action movie jammed packed in these stories:

Israel is by far the underdog.

Joshua has to step up after Moses. I mean, could there be a harder act to follow?  He does it in style.  Takes no prisoners, far fetched, sly dog battle plans that seem to come through in the last seconds.  Wins over barbaric blood thristy kings. 

The plot always has a twist, nothing is ever simple. (Read the battle of Ai)

The good guys win in the end

It's been a long time since I just read the Bible as a great story. Oh, I know it's so much more than a great story,  but sometimes, there is nothing wrong with getting lost in the wonder of a great big God, that enables a rag tag army of homeless people to slay wicked kings and their people.

Somedays it's nice for God to remind me that in the end, we win. Please God remind me that nothing is too hard for You.  Remind me that You want me to be ruthless when I attack sin in my life.  Remind me that You and me make the majority.  Remind me that even on days when I feel weak, I am a princess warrior.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost Paradise

Remember "Footloose"? Yes, you children of the 80's. One of the most golden cinematic moments in history when Ariel and Ren slow dance to "Almost Paradise"? Remember her GunnySax dress and the best part of the movie, when Rusty (That was in SJP's better days) and Willard break it down in that crazy storage building just over the county line?
My favorite part was "Let's Hear It for the Boy". I loved watching Ren teaching Willard to dance. Good moves for a white boy.

I was in love with Kevin Bacon for a good 3 months after that movie. Still one of my favorite songs. He's still one of my favorite actors. I never knew what happened to Lori Singer, but I really didn't care, she was way too trampy for Ren.

Anyways, Enjoy this little clip, I'm going to stream Footloose on Netflix, Wayne is hogging the TV and I cry when he makes me watch Space Cowboys.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Never again if I don't want to

Today, on the way to order graduation invitations, Leslie told me that there were only 25 school days left until she graduates.  Then she said, " And even though I want to go to college, and you want me to go to college, it feels good to know that I don't ever have to go to school again if I don't want to."

Remember that feeling? I do.  I felt like the world was my oyster and was setting off on the greatest adventure of my life, and I was right.

Leslie-girl, I pray the greatest adventures over you that you could ever imagine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Days like this

make me wish spring would last forever.  I got home and saw Wayne in the yard working on his boat. Ginny was running around with her rotten mutt, Willow. Leslie was.....sitting on her bed logged on to Facebook.

 Before you know it, it'll be broiling hot at 5pm.  Nobody will want to step foot outside in the afternoon.  Even Willow will be laying on the porch this time of day. But Leslie.......will still be sitting on her bed, logged on to Facebook.  Gotta love that kid.

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