Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost Paradise

Remember "Footloose"? Yes, you children of the 80's. One of the most golden cinematic moments in history when Ariel and Ren slow dance to "Almost Paradise"? Remember her GunnySax dress and the best part of the movie, when Rusty (That was in SJP's better days) and Willard break it down in that crazy storage building just over the county line?
My favorite part was "Let's Hear It for the Boy". I loved watching Ren teaching Willard to dance. Good moves for a white boy.

I was in love with Kevin Bacon for a good 3 months after that movie. Still one of my favorite songs. He's still one of my favorite actors. I never knew what happened to Lori Singer, but I really didn't care, she was way too trampy for Ren.

Anyways, Enjoy this little clip, I'm going to stream Footloose on Netflix, Wayne is hogging the TV and I cry when he makes me watch Space Cowboys.


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