Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm moving

No not literally but in the cyber world I have a new address:

I switched over to wordpress.  I'm not sure what the deal is with Blogger, but I've had several issues and decided to make a switch. Now you can actually leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Jump on over there and see what's happening to waynes3girls!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book on CD

I think I'm old. Seriously, in the last year I have heard and seen myself say and do things that are considered old, for example:

I've eaten oatmeal for the last few months every morning. Not the flavored packets, but the steel cut, stir for 2 minutes on the stove top oatmeal.

I've been hooked on listening to NPR on the way to work.

I have been scoping out hand lotions to help me deal with these large brown spots on the tops of my hands.

Last night I looked at the clock and told Wayne, "No wonder I'm tired, it's 10:30"

But this last one, well, it pretty much seals the deal.....I'm hooked on books on CD. 

It all started innocently enough. There was a book I wanted to read and it had been sitting on my bedisde table for about 3 weeks.  I seriously had no time. That is a sad thing when you no longer have enough time to read, but the truth is, I didn't.
 One day at work while I was cleaning out a book shelf I happened upon "The Magic Hour" audiobook by Kristin Hannah.  The book on my shelf is by the same author and I knew I like her writings.  As I announced my discovery to my coworkers, my young sweet student worker, Jessica said, "Yeah my grandma listens to those all the time in the car."

So I discreetly slid it into my bag, and said nothing to anyone........and now I'm hooked.  As I slid the CD in the car stereo, I was aware that this was just one more step I was taking down the road of aging. What's next? Geritol and estrogen patches?

The story is captivating and I am now taking the long way home trying to squeeze in the last 3 minutes of the story.  Ginny mocked me yesterday as I slowly inched up the drive in my car.  It was a critical moment and I dare not turn off the car in the middle of the court scene.  She went inside while I waited with A/C full blast, wasting gas to hear which way the judge will rule in the custody of the wolf girl. (too complicated for me to explain here, you have to read the book)

So unashamedly I embrace audiobook. Wayne is now never allowed to speak in car, he gets dirty looks if he mocks the voices of my beloved characters and I must somehow break him from asking me details of the stories when we drive to the store. He is becoming as captivated as me.

So add this to the list of my "growing older but fully embracing the benefits" list. By the way, I am taking Leslie to college orientation on Monday. It's a two and half hour drive, but no worries, we are stopping at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. If I happen to browse the audiobook stand in the general store, don't mind me, I'm just looking for Nicholas Sparks.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Night

Wayne and I have gotten into the habit of sitting on the back porch swing every evening, that is when it's not 5,000 degrees. It's a good time to relax, talk about our day and watch Willow chase birds and run around like a wild  hoodlum.  She somehow thinks that she is chasing every bird she sees fly overhead and she's off the porch and across the field like a bottle rocket.  Ginger prefers to sniff around the porch and finally whine until Wayne lifts her up on the swing where she settles down between the two of us, content for one of us to scratch her ears.

These warm summer evenings are the best part of the day. Unrushed, we talk quietly about the events of the day and pause to sip our iced tea.  Some evenings there is little talk and more of a contented silence between us as we watch the  summer clouds gather and feel that warm breeze promising a sprinkle of rain before we head in.

Tonight we decided the humid muggy night air was just too stifling for outside conversation.  Wayne headed towards the recliner and Ginger made her way to her favorite spot, tucked in beside him.  No doubt both settled in to watch the "Swamp People".

I stayed out for just a minute longer. Although the air was thick and I felt beads of sweat begin to roll down my face, I turned in time to see this:

Yeah I know, poor quality picture, but in real life there was a brilliant streak of pink just above the inky black silhouette of trees.  Enough contrast to make me strain my eyes and draw in a breath. Ever so quietly I hear the Father say,

"Hey, how was your day? Did you hear me?  Did you feel me? I was right there beside you, all day. It was a good day.  I'm glad you walked with me, and that strip of pink in the sky? Well, that's just for you, I knew you'd love it."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little boy and his sisters

Once upon a time there was an adorable, wild, blond headed boy who was the baby in his family. He owned his mama's heart and was his daddy's little man.  He had two older sisters.  His eldest sister mothered him, and he terrorized the other sister.  Life was happy for him.

Every summer this family would celebrate being out of school by heading up to the mountains of Virginia,where the mother's family lived. For city kids, this was the best of times.   The boy loved it most of all when his parents left him there with his big sisters.  Although he loved to tease them, the boy loved his sisters, and they loved him.  His summer days in Virginia made memories of the best kind.  Working in Granny's garden, playing on the farm with his cousins, and riding Uncle Johnny's horse, these are the memories that come to life when he visits with the sisters.

And somedays when he and his sisters are together, those memories are relived in such away that the rest of us see those days in vibrant colors.  When I listen intently to stories that they tell, the details and endings are etched in my mind.  I smile in anticicipation of the tales of those three children I know so well.  I see their bare feet slapping along a dirt road. I hear their laughter across the green Virginia hills.  I smile when I think of the good natured shoving and chatter that fills Granny's kitchen at supper time, everyone reaching for a piece of fried chicken.

I never met Granny, or Mama. I would love to have been one of those carefree children splashing in the mountain stream.  But when the boy and his sisters, now all grown, are together, and stomachs are full from a  good meal,  they stretch out, relax and the stories flow. And I am there. I see the children. I hear Granny fussing in her mountain twang.  I see Mama, laughing at the antics of a wild little blond boy and I smile. He is a treasure that little blond boy. A treasure I know full well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All the makings of a perfect Saturday

Sleeping late until Willow decided to lick my face at 8am
Coffee with a cool breeze on the front porch
Helping Wayne with a building project- our new chicken coop
We didn't yell, throw anything or fuss
"Bridges of Madison County" while I knit on my sweater
Headed to the big town to eat at Outback
Stopping by the yarn shop where they are having a 40% off sale
Spending the afternoon with my three favorite people

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The things that really matter in life cannot be bought or sold.  Those things can never be measured or packaged.

The things that matter most in life can only be experienced from the heart. For how can you measure love? Who can package peace? How can you weigh the value of contentment?

The true value of life is found in the quietness of a morning cup of coffee with the living word of God as He speaks deep into your soul.  The value of a sweet babies breath is impossible to figure.  Who could sell the worth of a long sweaty run that makes your limbs heavy but your heart and mind light?  There is no way I would let go of the treasure of the Wayne's smile.  My girls laughter is immeasureable.  The feel of their arms around my neck, even now, especially now, are worth their weight in gold.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I saw this yarn at Hobby Lobby I had to get it. It will make the best sweater ever!!!!I startyed on it as soona s I got home from my sister's house.
I'm making progress alhtough I admit it's hard to stay motivated on a 100% wool sweater when it's so stinkin' hot outside.  I keep telling myself I will be done and wearing this beauty on my way to the mountains this fall! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thoughts on Rahab

Our Sunday school class is exploring "Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur for the next few weeks.  Today we will study Rahab.  What a gal! She had so many strikes against her yet managed to be used by God that it gives all of us hope, even those of us who judge her because we are already ahead of her in being used, after all, I'm not a prostitute.  I love that the Bible never holds back. To be quite honest, the Bible is a compeletely R rated. I mean, how many churches are gonna explain to the preK kids what  "harlot" is as they color their pictures of her?  It tells the true real life stories of men and women at their best....and worst. I see myself over and over and yes, I see myself today in Rahab's story.

So what did I learn from Rahab?

- People will always remember your mistakes, sometimes all your life, but it doesn't have to define you.
- When God gives you opportunities, do what you know to do until He tells you different.
-When you define people at first impression, you lose out.
-Let God write your story, He has a much better ending, or as Pastor Andy says. "It's not as important how you begin, it's how you end!"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to life, Back to reality

After spending a wonderful few days with these adorable cuties....

I figured it was time to get back into life full swing.  I have decided to really enjoy this summer. No more mad rushing through days, going at break neck speed. No, this summer I will take it all in, read, knit, enjoy people, savor good food and get this 42 year old body ready for a marathon in November.
Here's whats on my knitting needles:

Now is that cute or what?  I love the sweet little owls blinking at me on the yoke.  My first attempt at a  pullover, we'll see if it will be wearable by fall.

Finished reading this book recommended by my SIL. She loves to read as much as I do and she always recommends books to me that turn out to be spellbinding. This was no exception. Wonderful book! Read it this summer!

I just ordered these flip flops yesterday.  I can't wait to finish the sumemr and see if it's really true that they last forever.   My Chacos have seen better days and after a couple mission trips they are ready to retire from  day to day use.

  Well, I am off to enjoy my first early Friday afternoon. This is the first summer I have gotten half days on Fridays. Makes the long days with no lunch the other four worth it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather

I love you little sis. I love you because you were my built in playmate. Gilligans Island in the big ole tree out back, mermaids in the swimming pool, and laughing when mom spanked us with the ruler and it broke.

I love you because you "get it".  I can talk without a filter to you because you never judge me.  You make me feel normal and help me to laugh when life seems hard.

I love you because it's not hard to be your sister.  You understand that although we are apart, it's OK. When we don't have time to sit and talk for hours on end, FB or txt is enough.  You know that being close doesn't have to mean a physical proximity.

I love you because you share my secrets, you understand where we come from and you are an amazing,strong and beautiful woman.  I love you Heather! Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best day and the best year ever!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What did I do all weekend? Well.......

I spent some QT with the two sweetest babies in the entire world!  Their little milk crusted lips, sweet pearly toes and precious humm song they sing when they are milk drunk are on my mind tonight, and I miss them.  If you know me, you know I love me some wee tiny baby.  It was a blast!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

canopy road

Somedays your run can find you in unfamiliar territitory. A run in a new place is good for your mind and body. Not knowing what to expect keeps your senses sharp and you observe and experience new sights and sounds.

This morning, I found myself on canopy Road.  My sister's house backs up to the most beautiful road I've ever seen.  Giant oaks line either side and branches join like clasped hands to cover the road in a  tunnel of trees. Spanish moss drapes down to make curtain thatfilters the early morning sun.   The warm humid Florida air makes breathing hard this morning. The thick air is heavy and already sweat trickles down my face, burning my eyes. The canopy road gives relief to the hot humid air.  The shadows fall on the road and a gentle breeze greets my face.  As the breeze blows the sweat from my eyes, it carries the the heady scent from the wild honeysuckle from the roadside.  The early morning sun streams theough openings in the arms of the oaks  makes abstract designs on the pavement that my feet connect with rhythmic patterns.

My mind drifts now to thoughts of sisters.  My two sisters I left at the house, talking and chattering about the day.  The sisters to whom we fed early morning bottles.  Their tiny lips surrounded by a  crusty milk mustaches.  I think about the two sisters that live at my house. I think about the adjustment of the upcoming year and how life will change for both of them.

All these thoughts weave through my mind and as my feet pound out a mindless pattern, and my breathing repeats the cadence, I notice that I have gone farther down this canopy road than I intended.  I hear a dog bark in the distance and that is my cue to turn around and head home, if I can find it.  I'm sure my sister has a pot of coffee waiting.  A good start to a relaxing day.  I feel at peace with the world.  There is a  great comfort in having  and in being a sister.  A built in friend. Someone like you and someone so different. Forever joined by an invisible thread.

And that's my thoughts on my canopy road run.

Monday, May 30, 2011


2 more days until I see my little sister who I have not seen in WAAAAYYYY too long.

2 1/2 days until we both go down to Flaorida to see my sweet as sugar baby nieces and spoil them rotten for a few days

3 weeks until Leslie and I head to West Ga. for orientation.

weeks until I run the 4th of July 5K. I really need to get on the treadmill tomorrow.

10 weeks unitl my baby, yes my baby, starts her sophmore year of high school.

15 weeks until Wayne and I celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss with a cruise.

That is as far in the future as I can let myself plan for now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Remember when

Dear Leslie,
Remember when I left you at Gatewood for the first time in Ms. Nancy's class and you cried? I told you it was going to be Ok and you would love it....and you did.

Remember when you were in first grade and you hated to read and you threw the book on the floor and cried? I told you that one day you would love to read and that reading would take you to places you have never been.  Now you love to read even if you stay up until 2am doing it.

Remember when you begged me to buy you a disposable camera and you would take all the pictures up in one afternoon?  I told you one day you would be the world's best photographer......and you are on your way.

Remember when school started this year and you cried and said there was no way you could make it?  I told you that you were a strong smart woman and it was time to act like it.  You did and graduated with honors.

Remember this spring when you text me a picture of your ACT scores and then called me to tell me you were going to West Georgia?  I told you that college would be some of the best years of your life........and they will be.

I love you sweet girl. You have made me very proud.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mixed emotions

Have you ever felt mostly happy but a little sad?  Have you ever laughed when you felt like crying?  Have you ever been excited, but never wanted the day to come?  Have you ever wanted to freeze a day, but at the same time wished you could go back in time?

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy

Just in time. Her sister is flying the coop.  I need another driver, bad. I'm lazy.  I am used to sending them to Walmart. I'm used to the extra time in the morning, when they get themselves to school.

But this one, I think she's gonna be a lead her mama.

Monday, May 16, 2011


No, not the kind on my back deck, the human kind. That's right, somehow I have managed to commit myself to a 6 weeks program of strengthening the core through planks.

Life After Bagels is where you can find out about the entire program. Why am I doing this? Well, it's mostly to improve my running form. A strong core means less injuries and less fatigue.  So here's where I am and here's where I am headed:

Today (5/16) I could plank for 30 seconds

My goal is:
1) plank 5 x a week, (basically every weekday)
2) add 5 seconds every plank
3) Max out at 4 minutes (shoudl ocur around week 5 and will sustain through week 6)

I would love for you to join me, Tina and my cousin Becky (who is responsible for beginning this madness).  Just link to the Life after Bagels website above or find her on FB. Then post your goals and updates either on your blog or on FB!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I guess it statred  before Ginny could even talk. As soon as Virginia came on the scene, Leslie became "Sissy"  We called her that, and as Ginny learned to talk, (which was not until she was almost 2) she called her "sissy" too.
Today, 15 years later, Leslie is still "Sissy".  The sweetest sound in this house, is to hear Ginny call her older sister "Sissy".  Sometimes it is through laughter and sometimes it is shouted in frustration.  I thought that one day she would outgrow it, but I'm so glad she never did. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Whatcha readin'?

I have lots of online friends.  Some are real life friends that I talk to everyday, others I talk to every once in awhile and their blog is how I keep up with them.  Some are friends from long ago and some I've never met.  I read a variety of blogs. So I thought I'd share some fun ones and ask you to leave in comments section blogs you enjoy.

Of course I hit my sister's blogs everyday:
Heather and Liz

These are really good friends of mine. Some write all the time, some sporadically but always enjoy them:

Knitting: My new passion. Reading knitting blogs helps me find cool patterns and  funky yarn.

Adventures of a Rogue Knitter
Spud &Chloe
The Purl Bee 
The Yarn Harlot

Coupons: The hottest craze among women everywhere! This is where I find good coupons, bargain, and freebies.

Southern Savers
The Bargain Babe
Krazy Coupon Lady

Fitness: I love these blogs. Usually they have some sort of challenge to get up and get going.
Life After Bagels
Chocolate Runners Blog

Bible blogs, I mean like who isn't gonna listen to what Beth Moore has to say
Desiring God
Stuff Christians Like
The LPM blog
Mark Driscoll: The Resurgence

This is only a small portion of the blogs I read. What are you reading?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salute to Mom's Day

This Mothers Day was different on many accounts, and I have to say, one of the best I've ever had.  Yes, even better than my very first Mothes Day.  That was the year that Wayne decided to celebrate his baby mama with an electric razor.  Yeah, it was less than stellar. He's come a long way baby.

This year, my mother was busy taking care of babies in Florida with my baby sister. So I pretty much had the day to myself to be spoiled, and I was.

I was a tad concerned that the girls may forget it was Mother's Day. I'm not sure if Wayne was just yanking my chain or not, but he mentioned to me that the girls were old enough and had a somewhat independent source of money this year, so he was leaving it up to them to remember and do something all by themselves.  I was not disappointed however, becasue as Ginny told me ," How could we forget Mother's day? It's not like it wasn't plastered all over Walmart."    

I realized  when I woke up that morning that this is probably the last Mother's Day that Leslie would be at home as one of my baby chicks.  Gulp, another sad moment in the ride to her becoming an adult.

Wayne bought me the biggest most beautiful geranium ever and told me that morning that after church we would go eat Greek. I was happy because 1) I love Greek, and 2) It goes pretty good with this doggone bean diet I'm on.

Church was great. I love it that Andy, our pastor, mixes things up.  The service was brought to us by various mothers and the wisdom in the room was amazing.  Then he had all the mothers come forward, and the rest of the church gathered around them to pray a blessing over them. It was my favorite Mother's Day Sunday ever.

The girls and Wayne took me to Metropolis.  It was delicious, and they suffered through it.  Ginny expanded her horizons with a chicken finger and french fry basket.  And we laughed.  And we talked. And Wayne teased me which made the girls laugh even more.  And I thought, I love them, so much.  I thought, I want to always stay just like this.... but it won't.  No, it will change every year, and it will be better than the last.  I miss home made cards from little girls, but I laugh at the hilarious card they picked out for me this year. I love it that they spend their own money to buy me the prettiest spider plant you have ever seen.  I love it that even though life changes, it gets better. I love to see beautiful smart funny girls across the table and know that I am blessed....and loved. 

The rest of the day was absolute leisure.  I took a long intoxicating Mothers Day nap, and knittted a little.  The girls and Wayne piddled, and napped and watched movies.

Wayne drove me up to the corner store late that afternoon and we got a Diet Pepsi and pork skins, and that was supper. It was good.  I hugged my girlies extra hard and I think they squeezed me back just as hard, after all, it was Mother's Day

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was never supposed to get this attached

It all began with a sweet little girl named Kelli. When I started  my job at the college health center, I discovered that a perk of the university system was having student workers in your office. They did your bidding, anything you wanted done, like run across campus and get me a sandwich, to file these papers, any job you didn't feel like doing, they were more than happy to complete for you.

Kelli was so much fun. She had the cutest giggle and best of all, she was fun to tease.  Our office is like a family, and it didn't take long to spoil and mother our "baby".  And then the unthinkable happened, she graduated and left us. It hurt. She never looked back.

I was determined to never let another student worker wound my heart, and then the twins came. Courtney and Lindsey are well, our girlies. We have guided them through relationships, encouraged them to become runners, chastised them for indecent clothing. and laughed, oh how we have laughed.

They have made the separation much easier by living a year after graduation in Milly.  We have been able to see them occaisionally and even run together quite often, and suddenly, it seems as if we have become their friends instead of just their Milledgeville mamas.

When Jessica walked in our clinic two years ago, I was determined to keep her at a business distance.  I tried to avoid teasing her.  When she would giggle I would turn my chair around. I could not, I would not become attached to another student worker. It was just too painful when they leave.

She graduates on Saturday and even though she will be in the office until June, I am sad.  I did it again. I was never supposed to get attached, but I did. I will miss her. She will miss us too.  We pry into her personal life, giving unsolicited relationship advice. We warn her of the dangers of being out too late, and take care of her when she is sick. She's all grown up, and just like the others it's time for her to leave.  She is a strong beautiful woman, our work is finished.  I'll be darned if I am gonna love another student worker. I'm not even asking them their name next semster.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And somedays it sucks.....

So here's the truth, I love to run, on good days, and I hate to run on bad days.  In fact, if you are not in the mood to listen to whining, now would be a good time to log off.  It sucked, bad.

I haven't really run much since the 5K in April.   I did some last week in the woods and it was alot of fun.  So when I saw the twins in the grocery store last night and they suggested a long run I was ready. 

I love to run with the girls. They are fun. Faster than me so I have to push myself, but not so much better that we can't hang. they make me laugh, and somedays wish I had their youth. Our routine is pretty much the same.  We chat and catch up as we warm up for about 1/2 mile then we all three put on our earphones, line up in random order and go to it. I watch their ponytails whipping in the wind, I dodge Lindseys spastic arm and get lost in thought.  Once in a while one of us will point out a susnet, or sunrise.  I'll tell them to smell the gardenias blooming, or just listen to our breathing. It's a rhythm I find comforting.  When my groove is within reach I know it, my breathing becomes slower, my mind settles and I can let the days events wind their way through my brain.  Tonight started out slow, I was feeling sluggish, but the girls were in no hurry so I knew in about 10 minutes I'd be in my groove. The groove never came, or else when it came I missed it gasping  and thinking of Peanut Buster parfaits.

I knew it was a washout when I realized mile two was making my legs feel like lead, and my knees were beginning to feel wobbly.   I lookedup and saw both girls wiping sweat. Y"eah, it's hard becasue it's awful hot this afternoon, my groove is just around the corner.", I tell myself.   I topped 2 1/2 by turning up Lakeport.  Now my lungs were burning. Screw it! I'm walking, and so I did. As usual, the girls see me and slow down.  They begin to walk too. They say they are tired, but I know better, they feel sorry for me.  As I finally catch up they tell me how awesome we did. Blah blah blah, we  all know we all wanted to quit. It sucked.
But we don't quit, we muster up a little more umph and top the hill of mile 3 at a slow jog.  Is my groove here at the end?  No, legs still shakey, mind still begging me to stop. I hang it out for the last 1/2 mile then declare to the girls I think I'm gonna stop running, and maybe take up gardening.  They laugh. they know I'm just tired and cranky. They know that I will run again, probably tomorrow,  and maybe tomorrow I'll find my groove early on.  The beauty of running, for every bad run, there's always tomorrow.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My take on Bin Laden

Twitter and Facebook have been electric with the news that Bin Laden is dead.  There is wide range of opinions.  I have read comments that range from praise for our military and thankfulness that this mad man has been silenced, to others who condemn any taking of a life.  Some have used scripture to back up opinions while others have posted crude and even offensive reponses.

Here's my take on Bin Laden-

I did not personally lose a friend or family member in 9/11, but I watched  a widow that is probably about my age this morning on the Today show.  She held a photo of her husband while tears streamed down her face.  For anyone who has been a victim of terror, there is comfort in knowing that God, while full of love and slow to wrath, is also full of justice.  He is longsuffering and calls all men to repentance, but he also defends the widows and orphans.  He makes all things right.

I just finished reading through Deuteronomy and Joshua.  Astounding to me how God repeatedly instructed the children of Israel to obliterate, completely destroy the inhabitants of Canaan. Over and over He told Joshua to destroy every man, woman and child.  Where is love in that?  Is it a contradiction in His character to value life, yet demolish an entire people group?

The soverignty of God is a concept that I am just now beginning to study. It has opened my spiritual eyes to a side of His character that I previously never appreciated.  Funny how opinionated humans try to understand and explain the mind of God. He is God, we are dust. His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways not our ways.

He is altogether just when he commands an entire nation be destroyed, yes even the children.  He retains his holiness when an island nation is drowned in a tsunami and  people are washed out to sea.  He is God when cancer kills, when spouses walk out, when babies are aborted.

Will Osama's death cause terrorism to cease?  No. Will it increase terroristic activity against Americans? Maybe.  Will it bring back the dead who were lost on 9/11? We know it won't.

But this we do know, God will not be mocked or ignored.  He is patient not wanting anyone to perish. He gives new mercies every morning, but He is soverign in every thing He does and everything He allows.  He uses simple people like you and me.  He uses earthquakes and tsunami's.  He uses kings and orphans.  He can even use Navy Seals.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


that is how I would describe the last month of my life.  I just got through reading my friend Roxanne's blog. She has had a horrific month but has managed to see God's hand in it all and has even been able to celebrate in the middle of sadness.  While my life is not in the middle of crisis, I share her sentiments that it has been a whirlwind.  Thus the reason my posts have been scarce,  that, and I seem to have a form of writers block. Maybe there is too much going on's a summary of the last mind numbing 2 weeks....

My church hosted a 5K for the Compassionate Care Clinic where I volunteer.  I helped to organize it and despite the fact that a tornado came barreling through town and hour before the race was scheduled to start, it was a great success! We had over 75 runners. We raised over $4500 for the clinic, and look, my sweet running buddy Courtney and I both placed!

Maybe the best part of the Run for Compassion was seeing my two girls get out there and run it too!

The next week we left to go camping at my favorite spot in the entire world, Moccasin Creek in Clayton. We had a blast!  We spent about 4 days in the peace and quiet. We celebrated Ginny's 15th birthday, we hiked, we read, I knitted. It was a little slice of heaven.  We have discovered that camping with kids is so much fun, especially when they are not yours. I love it. Our friends the Parkers have three boys that make me laugh so hard!  Tina kept me motivated to run while we were gone and we both decided that cross country through the woods was actually easy on the knees and we loved it. 

Leslie stayed at home to job hunt. (Well that was the excuse she gave us)  She found out that she passed her ACT and was accepted to University of West Georgia.  Happy times in the Welch house! We are super excited! So we find ourselves in the middle of graduation invitations, party planning and college forms.

Today was a day of celebration, We traveled to Florida to see my two sweet nieces who were born yesterday.  They are fresh from heaven and have that new baby smell, tiny cupid lips, and the sweetest toes ever.  They deserve a post all their own but for now, I'll leave you with this...........

Kate and Rose Oliff

Friday, April 15, 2011

Joshua: the original tough guy

My morning Bible reading has taken me through Deuteronomy and Joshua.  I am thinking that the book of Joshua should be turned into a major motion picture. I can hardly wait to read what happens next.  There is every element of action movie jammed packed in these stories:

Israel is by far the underdog.

Joshua has to step up after Moses. I mean, could there be a harder act to follow?  He does it in style.  Takes no prisoners, far fetched, sly dog battle plans that seem to come through in the last seconds.  Wins over barbaric blood thristy kings. 

The plot always has a twist, nothing is ever simple. (Read the battle of Ai)

The good guys win in the end

It's been a long time since I just read the Bible as a great story. Oh, I know it's so much more than a great story,  but sometimes, there is nothing wrong with getting lost in the wonder of a great big God, that enables a rag tag army of homeless people to slay wicked kings and their people.

Somedays it's nice for God to remind me that in the end, we win. Please God remind me that nothing is too hard for You.  Remind me that You want me to be ruthless when I attack sin in my life.  Remind me that You and me make the majority.  Remind me that even on days when I feel weak, I am a princess warrior.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost Paradise

Remember "Footloose"? Yes, you children of the 80's. One of the most golden cinematic moments in history when Ariel and Ren slow dance to "Almost Paradise"? Remember her GunnySax dress and the best part of the movie, when Rusty (That was in SJP's better days) and Willard break it down in that crazy storage building just over the county line?
My favorite part was "Let's Hear It for the Boy". I loved watching Ren teaching Willard to dance. Good moves for a white boy.

I was in love with Kevin Bacon for a good 3 months after that movie. Still one of my favorite songs. He's still one of my favorite actors. I never knew what happened to Lori Singer, but I really didn't care, she was way too trampy for Ren.

Anyways, Enjoy this little clip, I'm going to stream Footloose on Netflix, Wayne is hogging the TV and I cry when he makes me watch Space Cowboys.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Never again if I don't want to

Today, on the way to order graduation invitations, Leslie told me that there were only 25 school days left until she graduates.  Then she said, " And even though I want to go to college, and you want me to go to college, it feels good to know that I don't ever have to go to school again if I don't want to."

Remember that feeling? I do.  I felt like the world was my oyster and was setting off on the greatest adventure of my life, and I was right.

Leslie-girl, I pray the greatest adventures over you that you could ever imagine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Days like this

make me wish spring would last forever.  I got home and saw Wayne in the yard working on his boat. Ginny was running around with her rotten mutt, Willow. Leslie was.....sitting on her bed logged on to Facebook.

 Before you know it, it'll be broiling hot at 5pm.  Nobody will want to step foot outside in the afternoon.  Even Willow will be laying on the porch this time of day. But Leslie.......will still be sitting on her bed, logged on to Facebook.  Gotta love that kid.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm not busy....just boring

Seems like after running last week, I am officially in a runners and writing block.  I cannot get motivated to run, nor can I conjure up anything remotely interesting to talk about on this blog. Frustrating!
So here is a compilation of boring snippets for lack of anything else remotely interesting...........

Tomorrow I get my hair cut.  This is a major milestone.  I always wear my hair super short, it just seems easier to deal with.  After I got a pixie cut before going to Africa last summer, I decided it was time to let it grow out.  I have not cut it since July. It is super shaggy but long! (Long meaning almost to my chin, and past my neck in the back.)  My goal is a ponytail.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some sense of style.

I am almost half way on my nieces blanket. Did you know that my ADD makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on an afghan knitting project? I much prefer socks, but I am loving this pattern and they may share a blanket with socks for each!

After reading this blog, I decided to get ruthless and clean my closet.  I finally gave away all the pants that I cannot, or do not wear.  I told myself if I lose enough weight I'll just buy some new ones.  Not much danger of that, what with the runners block and all.......
There is an inner sense of peace to walk into my closet and see less stuff.  What I see is what I wear.  Thanks "Not Going Postal" for the kick start!

Well I know this post has had you at the edge of your seat.....but I gotta go put some clothes in the dryer. I'll leave you with some of my shutterbugs latest work...........................

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'd rather be 42 than.......

a 14 year old girl in middle school.
having to go through nurse practitioner school all over again.
waking up to nurse a baby in the middle of the night, again and again and again
a college graduate in this bad economy


Because when you're 42...............

You are much better at saying "no'
You usually can get a decent night's sleep every night( too old for babies, and too young for hotflashes)
You're husband has been around long enough to know not to say stupid things, knows what restaurants you like best and can figure out how to buy a really great birthday present.
You're kids still need you...but not to wipe their hineys.
I no longer have the urge to wear incredibly uncomfortable high heels.

I am fully embracing this season. I don't fear aging.  The forties have been my best decade so far.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Warriors

 Courtney, me and Lindsey- the Princess Warriors

I'm totally hooked.  In fact I've already looked at the upcoming marathons for this fall. Without a doubt, one of the most fun and exciting things I've ever done.  We got to the ATL on Saturday afternoon and picked up our packets at the Georgia Dome. It was like The Georgia National Fair of running. Vendors of all things running were everywhere. We saw the latest and greatest shoes, clothes and food.  Publix had a mini grocery store in the middle of the complex full of organic snacks.  Mostly people were laughing and friendly everywhere you went. I think that is what I like best about the running community, a very supportive group of people.

We stayed at the Omni Hotel which was directly on the start line.  After looking at our loot we plundered from the Dome, we walked up the street in pursuit of a place to get our fill of pasta, the notorious pre-race meal.  We landed at Asio's and appparently we were not the only ones with this great idea. After an hour wait we finally ate a huge amount of pasta and bread and passed on dessert.

I decided to go with the running capris and the girls talked me into wearing my race T-shirt. Good choices.  I was so glad not to be bothered with shorts riding up.  We slept like rocks and bright and early I got up to down my yogurt. Ever since I got my GB out, I get nauseated when I run too far. I figured it was inevitable on a half marathon, but I have found that Activia yogurt helps alot. (think I could make a commercial for them?)

The start corral was the equivilant of three city blocks. By the time we found our starting corral I was nervous enough to puke.  Ever had the feeling you are in way over your head? I was desperately scanning the crowd for a chubby 40ish soccor mom type and all I was seeing were lean skinny marathoners with knee socks. Apparently that is the latest and greatest at preventing calf cramps. I fiddled with my ipod, stretched my calves and sent up some desparate prayers to God asking for His divine help and asking Him to at least let me finish.  I was terrified of the notorious street sweeper putting me in the loser wagon.

The bell sounded and I started a slow jog. "Keep it slow, slower than you need" I told myself throught the entire first mile.  The girls were gone almost immediately and I knew I was on my own.  After mile 2 I found my groove and even had some pretty interesting conversations with a couple people. I found a 50ish guy with his teenage daughter and decided to pace with them.  I stayed with them until mile 4 and decided it was time to turn on Mark Driscoll.  I knew if I listend to his entire sermon I could get through to mile 10. 

 Somehow around mile 6 I lost the man and daughter I was pacing with and so I picked up a group of two women who seemed to be going a little slower than me, but my calves were burning and I knew I needed to slow it down a little.  This is the point where I told myself,"OK, it's not important what your time is, it's important you finish and not walk." So with that I stopped checking my time every mile and decided to try and let my mind wander a bit.  I imagined the life story of some runners around me and that let me kinda chill out about my calves and just cruise in my mind.  At mile 8, the marathoners split course and the crowd thinned out a little.  I found my man and his daughter so I set my pace with them again and got my groove back.  At mile 9 I stopped for gatorade and water and could not start back up. I walked over to the right and in the middle of the hill just started walking.  My right hip was sore and I decided that walking made it hurt worse, so I started back at a  gimpy jog and turned my ipod up loud with some Toby Mac and decided to just try and tough it out.  Once I topped the hill, I found myself in a beautiful park. There were lots of runner just walking at this point, but my hip felt better and I decided to keep cruising. As we exited the park we started up a hill. I bargained with myself, if you get up this hill and you are still not in skyscraper country you can walk.  At the top I saw a high rise. I was back in the concrete jungle. By this time I had lost track of my mileage so my time meant nothing, but my hip pain was gone and I was in a good groove. I guess this is what the second wind feels like.

At the last water station I estimated I was probably at mile 10. As I sucked down the gatorade, the station girl smiled and said, "\You're almost there, only 1 more mile." I was ecstatic, mostly becasue I felt good, and I KNEW I was gonna do it!  I decided I had enough in me to flat out run, and so I did. The last mile was jam packed with cheerleaders, bands, cheering people, who did not know me, but cheered me on like family. As I turned the last corner into Centennial Park I saw the finsh.  It was surreal. I did it. I finished. 13.1 miles. Farthest I've ever run. I was moving, at that point nothing was hurting, but the best part was looking up and seeing my time. My goal was 2:30 and I finshed at 2:15 chip time. I am strong. I am a healthy 42 year old. I am a princess warrior. I'm gonna run a marathon next.....just because I can.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The ups and downs of running

I ran my slowest ever 5K.  Wayne was kind and said it was because I'm over 40. I know better....I need to lose about 30 lbs.

Sunday I run my first ever half marathon and although I know I will be fine, I'd really like to get through it without walking.  I've got my mantras ready..."What the mind can concieve, the body can achieve" (thanks Kenny for that one!) and "You can do it girl, one step at a time" I can always use this one, "Looking good girl, keep it up"

I've got my ipod loaded with Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Journey, Tony Mac and Mandisa.  I even have  a sermon by Mark Driscoll if I think I want to quit. Tonight I had no ipod and it was rough.

If I can make it though this race, maybe I'll tackle a marathon in the fall, or maybe I'll just stick with neighborhood 5K's. 

The best part of this race is running with my girlies. They have been so much fun to train with, even the days we did sprints.  I would have quit this whole thing a long time ago if it were not for them.  I would have been content to run my 3 miles a day and an occasional 5K. Never push myself, but I'm glad I'm gonna stretch my limits a little.

So here's to stepping your of your comfort zone.........

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And this made me cry

                             *picture from KP's FB*

Is it possible to be excited, worried, elated and wistful all at one time?
Everytime I see her graduation gown....that's exactly how I feel.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even so come quickly Lord Jesus

The earth trembles under Your power and we say, Come quickly Lord Jesus

Your children suffer much in Your name and we say, Come quickly Lord Jesus

The lust of the flesh makes me fight to focus on You. I grow tired of the struggle and I say, Come quickly Lord Jesus.

"Jesus has been taken away from you into heaven.
And someday, just as you saw him go, he will return!"

Acts 1:11

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Plethora of Emotions

This sums up my weekend.  Lots of emotions...........

Saddened- Everytime I turn on the TV or pull up the internet I am so saddened by the  devastation of Japan.  My Sunday School class (all women) specifically prayed for the Japanese women who lost children, husbands, parents in a way I cannot comprehend.  We prayed that the God of all comfort would reveal Himself to them, would draw them to Himself.

Loved- Wayne took me to Carrabas then shopping for new running clothes as a early birthday celebration.  The girls went with us.  It was one of those family times that is rare and will be even more so in the next few months.

Worried- I am running my first half marathon next Sunday. I hope I can finish it. I felt very nauseous last time I ran 10 miles, and that's three less than the half.  I got nauseated when I ran today (of course I had just eaten) so I kept thinking , "there is no way I can do this next weekend" How's that for postive thinking?

Hopeful- Andy preached such an awesome message this morning. He's been going through Jude and today he encouraged us to stay in the fight.  God uses ordinary people to build His kingdom.  God really spoke to me through his message, and a conversation with a friend that when we are a "nobody" that's when He does His best work through display his glory.

Happy- I talked to Jamie, one of my sweet, sweet friends that I never seem to find time to talk with.  She is a busy working mom like me, so she gets that it may be a while in between our convesation, but we can pick right up where we left off.  I hugged her so hard this morning and heard all about what God is doing in her life and every time I thought back to that sweet conversation today it made me smile.

Peaceful- I had a picnic lunch on perhaps the most beautiful day of the entire year.  We had chicken salad sandwiches (made from the SCA grilled chicken) and sat in the sunshine.  We ate and talked with friends, enjoyed their little boys running around, and mostly just soaked up the goodness of God to bless us with a gorgeous day.

All in all, a very good weekend. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A baptist girl's take on Lent

I was raised as strict a baptist girl as you can get.  Lent was something that I vaguely knew happened in the Catholic church. It involved mysterious ashes, and I'm quite sure that there was some sort of whispered explanation about "Oh that's something for catholics, we don't do that."

So when my coworker, who is a nondenominational girl that is crazy about Jesus, asked me what I was giving up for Lent, I gave her a blank look and said, "Uh, I'm not catholic, I'm baptist." Then we both laughed and I thought, "Far be it from a baptist to give up anything, much less say no to food in any shape or form."

My inquisitive mind would not let it go, I began to research. Where did Lent come from?  Is there some doctrinal issue that would make it wrong for me to observe Lent?  Why would I want to give up something for 40 days?  Does it bring you closer to God to fast from something in your life?

I found some interesting things about Lent.  It is recognition and celebration of the crucifixtion and resurrection of Jesus.   Noel Piper, from Desiring God gives this great description of Ash Wednesday, and Lent.  Please go here to read it.

So, I decided that this baptist girl would see what happens when I purposefully lay aside something that would require a bit of a sacrifice on my part, so that I could have a daily reminder of the sacrifice that God gave me in His Son, Jesus. Oh, there's no comparison, but yet, there is a  daily reminder of the forty days Jesus spent battling Satan and sharing deep fellowship with the Father in the desert.  There is a somber reminder of the cost of disobedience as the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness.

By marking the forty days until I celebrate His life giving resurrection, I stop and think about His great sacrifice. By disciplining myself, I refocus on Christ.  By allowing myself to stop and ponder,"Why did Christ have to die?" I find the answer is worth pondering.

He became sin
Who knew no sin
That we might become
His righteousness.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm a tad excited.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Great American Hero

*picture from Ashley Mangus' Facebook*

Tonight we celebrate a great American hero, CPT. Geoff Mangus.  As I listened to these snippets of tonight, I realized that my friend, Geoff, is much more than a friend, a father, a husband, a cancer survivor.  He is a great American hero.  I thank you Geoff for your sacrifices, some which I will never fully know.   Here are things I heard and saw tonight as I celebrated his retirement with him, his friends and family:

"Always do right......"
"First to fight for the right"
6th fold: our hearts with which we pledge allegience
Valorous Unit Citation
Red stripes, for soldiers blood
"So thankful for my wife, Ashley"
stars: in God we trust
Colossians 3:23
"Friends...through thick and thin"
12th fold of the flag: for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Operation Iraqi Freedom III
A little girl, dressed in red, bows in her hair, hugs her Daddy tight
" friend I could ever have."
Duty, Honor, Country
"Thank you Capt. Mangus"

and I echo that, "Thank you Capt. Mangus."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best reads in 2011

We are almost through the first three months of 2011, and I have read some incredible books.

Hollie introduced me to this wonderful book. I have read it once, now I am going through the second time and letting it really soak down into my bones.  This book is about a woman's journey in finding God's gifts to us in our everyday life.  She explains that the life of joy, is a life of gratitude.  This is a MUST READ!

 I put off reading this book for a while. Not sure if I wanted to join the "sell everything you've got and give to the poor" bandwagon. After all, I really like my stuff.  Much more than that, this book puts a mirror in the face of the average American believer and asks , "What does your faith look like?"  It casues the reader to question the priorities in their life, to answer the question of, "exactly how much Jesus do you want?"  Wayne is doing a small group study with some guys in our church right now through this book.

John Piper is one of my favorite authors.  My friend Andy Hall intriduced me to Piper and I have been hooked ever since. Piper is a writer who demands you to think and meditate over his writings.  While this is no easy read, it is very enriching.  "Think" shows how reading and studying God's Word is connected to the way we process and think.  In a more practical way, he teaches the reader to engage his brain and actively process the Bible. 

So, what are you reading?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He speaks into us:

It never ceases to amaze me that God would speak into our lives.  Here is what He said, just this morning to some of my friends:

Ps. 28- do not be nice to people then talk about them behind their back.

Mercy, peace, love.....thanks Jude for the reminder.

Get up, (insert her name :))!!! ....oh and...that my prayers should always rooted in thanksgiving. Because I have him, in all things I can find rejoicing. I Thess. if I haven't heard enough (but he knows I'm hard headed) that I need to give Him out of sacrifice, not from my abundance....hence, Him 1st, other "stuff" after him. God is just amazing when He pounds in a point!

It seems that the thing God is drilling me about is the overall theme of what the devotion I'm reading said this morning, "Lovest thou me?" John 21:17 (Jesus talking to Peter) do I truly love Jesus, am I even His friend? Because if I truly loved Him I would keep His commands....I don't know and the thing is everything I'm looking at is pointing me back to this.  Ephesus, the loveless church, our SS and church services yesterday, and our next chapter in  Crazy Love is

Ps. 48:14 For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide unto death. Nice to remember who I can count on.

Hey I was reading in Job and he reminded me no matter what trials come he is still there.

The path God has chosen for us is uniquely our own.  We are not to compare it to anyone else's.  The lessons of trust we learn on this path are often wrapped in difficulties...but they are opportunities to trust Him more. Oh how He is teaching me this!

Reading in Mark this morning:  My love for god should make all other relationships, husband, children look like hate when compared to my love for Him. Wow! That is alot of love...I am so far from that, but that is where I want to be! God teach me to love you more than anything.

God showed me that by knowing Him I have the greatest possession I could have. Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing Jesus. Philippians 3:8

Psalms 48

Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised
In the the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness
Beautiful for situation
The joy of the whole earth,
Tis Mt. Zion on the sides of the north
The city of our great King!

Monday, February 28, 2011

It's all a gift

" When I realize that it is not God who is in my debt, but it is I who am in His great debt, doesn't all become gifts?"~ One Thousand Gifts

Hearing my husband say "ahh, I gotta get up" as he stretches his 6ft 2 inch frame the length of the bed.

The deep dark roast smell of fresh coffee as it brews, promising me a wake up push

The heavy weight of towels from the washer ready to by hung on the line to dry in the spring sunshine

Two girls with beautiful long hair preening in front of a mirror, sharing snippets of early morning talk

A vague achiness in the front of my legs, reminding me that I ran yesterday...I can run

All these gifts from my Abba, and it's only the first hour of my day.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perfect Saturday

Today was absolute perfection.  Wayne and I slept in until 8:30.  Then I got up and made a big breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast.  We spent all morning cleaning, then Wayne and I took a little road trip.  We mostly ran errands, but we had so much fun.  We listened and sang to country love songs. We had lunch at Subway then Wayne let me wander around Goodwill while he patiently waited in the car.  The weather was beautiful.  I even rolled my window down.

Late this afternoon, I trimmed all the shrubs while Wayne checked the oil and whatever else you do to cars.  Then we grilled burgers and sat down...all four of us....and ate supper together. Perfection.

Ginny went on a walk and took these pictures of the neighbors horses. Willow is fascinated by the horses that the neighbor put in the pasture next to us.  I'm thinking we will be hearing lots of barking for the next few days. I love living out in the country.  Even if that demon dog drags up cow bones and barks at horses all day.

Enjoy Ginny's photography skills!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Can't Give up Now

This song came on my ipod this afternoon. At the perfect time, just as I was rounding the hill at mile 7 and had convinced myself it would be fine to walk the last one.  I started smiling when I heard the words, then I kept running, or you could call it shuffling at that point.

When I made it to my car, I listened to it on the way home. I thought about alot of things besides running.  I thought about talking to my aunt this weekend about how good, but hard marriage is.  I thought about the long, loud discussion I had with my kid last night. I thought about this last long year at my church with my faith family.  I thought about how easy it is to slip back into my old ways.

I thought about all that, and then I rolled down the windows and turned this song up loud.  I sang the words as loud as I could. Yeah, God hasn't brought me this far to leave me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Once upon a time

there lived a man who had two beautiful daughters.  One looked like him, the other like his sweetheart.  For some reason, God decided he needed daughters instead of sons. He did not care that he never had a son, he loved his daughters more than life.

He decided that girls need to learn to appreciate the outdoors too, so he took them camping and on long walks in the woods.  He took them swimming in the lakes and taught them how to fish. They loved being outside as much as him.

They grew up and lost interest, or so they thought, in the great outdoors. They would rather ride in cars, listen to ipods and go to movies.  The only ones left to take walks in the woods were the man and his sweetheart.

This did not seem to make the man sad, for he loved his sweetheart, and he loved his girls.  The wise man knew that when his daughters looked through old pictures they would laugh and relive memories of when they were little girls.  He knew that when they gave him grandchildren, he would get to enjoy the great outdoors with them again.  Mostly, he knew that even though we don't always live it out, we hold what we've been taught to love close to our hearts.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A simple question

*More updates*

Today I text this simple question to some of my friends: What did God tell you out of His Word this morning?

Wow! Amazing responses!  These are the answers I got all throughout the day.  These women are insightful and their responses were so encouraging.  These are just average busy women who stop, and listen as the God of the universe speaks into their lives and this is what He said:

"He is coming back and no man knows when, don't want to find me lacking. Crud- I think He might be unhappy when He comes. I have to do something about that.  the big word is love for all people He created. Broken on down to trying to tell and truly relfect Him to those I come in contact with."

"To know that He is God and He is able!"

"let us not love in word or speech but in actions and truth...real love."

"GRACE. Be the ONE people are looking for the difference in."

"Psalms 63:1-8 david was so satisfied in the Lrod he expected total satisfaction in his soul and physical needs. I desire the same expectation."

"Psalms 139 God knows me better than anyone, wants to be with more than anyone, He is always thinking about me and loves me more than I'll ever understand or realize! his presence was and is overwhelming me today."

I'll post more as the day progresses so check back often.

*More updates*

"Godly grief brings repentance, wordly grief brings death."

 "God is holy, (reading the OT book of Exodus about all the priests went through before they entered the temple) but he wants to have a relationship with us, who are so unholy. As a result, Jesus came to bring us near to God. That is an awesome thought! Through Jesus, we can come to God and talk to Him, walk with Him. He has an individual Word for all His children."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Mr. Welch

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin'
you'll never leave me.
The touch of your hands says you'll
catch me if ever I fall
You say it best
When you say nothing at all.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Catch up

Here's kinda how the weekend went:

Friday night, which has officially turned into our stay in, cook on the grill and watch "Gold Rush" was bliss. After a long hard week, I was so excited about laying around. Wayne cooked some chicken on the grill. I walked in the door, immediately got into my PJ's and started on a new pair of socks. Remember when I told you I wanted to knit a pair ever month this year? Well, February is quickly fading, so I figured I better get moving.  Delicate pink socks with white cuffs, toes and heels. Probably will totally regret the white, but it looks precious.
While Wayne watched "Gold Rush" I watched TV in the bedroom. I am sick and tired of Discovery channel toying with my emotions. I refuse to hope and wish for those Alaskan miners to strike gold. I have moved on to 20/20 which told a fascinating story of the Kim family that got lost in Oregon for nine days in 2006. 

Saturday morning, I got up to see Leslie off to take the ACT. Said many prayers for her through the morning, and we'll see how she fared in about 6 weeks. Praying for a solid 17 on math scores.  I spent the most wonderful day cleaning and knitting and even got on the ellipitical.  Never left the house except for a super quick trip to Walmart.  We went with our friends to Freedom church on Saturday night to their Valentines banquet. Sat with Heidi and Tim. I absolutely love that girl! We talked each others ears off.  I love it when people love Jesus and love each other.

Sunday was well, wonderful.  Our church has really gone through some hard dark times over the past few years.  The last few months have been extraordinary.  Despite (or maybe because of) going through difficult days, God seems to be pouring out a new anointing on this place.  I've realized that so many of the people I love dearly are standing beside me ready to really work.  God has done cool things in the last few weeks. He has created a sense of unity like I have never felt before.  He has spoken a warm blessing over our worship.  He has anointed our pastor. 
As we sang "Lord. I'm amazed by You" I thought about the words I was singing.  "How wide, how deep, how great is Your love for me." His love is never ending. People come and go in your life, in your fellowship. but God is unchanging.  That stability holds us as we go through uncertain times.  And then it dawns on you one day, that God is doing a new thing in your midst.

I look around this morning and see the faces of people that I love, and that I know love God with all their hearts. I see new faces that God has brought. I realize that although God's ways are not always clear, they are all together trustworthy.  There is an unmistakable  excitement in the air. He is leading us into a sure place, a place of spiritual prosperity that we were not ready for.  Bring it on Jesus.  Be big in our midst.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The less you need the more you have

I just finished up "Radical". Wow! Gave me alot to think about.  I have been asking God to bless me with more so that I could bless others in my life who really need it. Surprisingly, He told me I have plenty to share. He told me that I don't need more, I need to want less. So with this fresh on my mind I am doing an inventory of my life to see where excess is. Asking God to show me what please Him and what doesn't.
Insightful.  I caution you, do not pray anything like this unless you intedn to do something when He shows you. Believe me, He is showing me areas of complete self-centeredness in my life. Areas that are shamefully wasteful.  Material things that I think I "need" but don't.  Better ways of using the resources He has given me.

 Here is the Radical Experiment that David Platt invites the reader to embark on for a year:
1.Pray for the entire world in a year
2.Read the entire Bible in a year
3.Sacrifice your money for a specific Purpose
4.Spend your time in another context

What would our lives look like if we lived a radical life for a year?  Is it really radical or is merely obedience?

I found this interesting article online this afternoon. He expresses my thoughts perfectly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pretty babies

There is alot I have not perfected in this life......

But I made some pretty girls with that Welch man!

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