Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Night

Wayne and I have gotten into the habit of sitting on the back porch swing every evening, that is when it's not 5,000 degrees. It's a good time to relax, talk about our day and watch Willow chase birds and run around like a wild  hoodlum.  She somehow thinks that she is chasing every bird she sees fly overhead and she's off the porch and across the field like a bottle rocket.  Ginger prefers to sniff around the porch and finally whine until Wayne lifts her up on the swing where she settles down between the two of us, content for one of us to scratch her ears.

These warm summer evenings are the best part of the day. Unrushed, we talk quietly about the events of the day and pause to sip our iced tea.  Some evenings there is little talk and more of a contented silence between us as we watch the  summer clouds gather and feel that warm breeze promising a sprinkle of rain before we head in.

Tonight we decided the humid muggy night air was just too stifling for outside conversation.  Wayne headed towards the recliner and Ginger made her way to her favorite spot, tucked in beside him.  No doubt both settled in to watch the "Swamp People".

I stayed out for just a minute longer. Although the air was thick and I felt beads of sweat begin to roll down my face, I turned in time to see this:

Yeah I know, poor quality picture, but in real life there was a brilliant streak of pink just above the inky black silhouette of trees.  Enough contrast to make me strain my eyes and draw in a breath. Ever so quietly I hear the Father say,

"Hey, how was your day? Did you hear me?  Did you feel me? I was right there beside you, all day. It was a good day.  I'm glad you walked with me, and that strip of pink in the sky? Well, that's just for you, I knew you'd love it."


Britt said...

That's sweet!

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