Friday, June 10, 2011

Back to life, Back to reality

After spending a wonderful few days with these adorable cuties....

I figured it was time to get back into life full swing.  I have decided to really enjoy this summer. No more mad rushing through days, going at break neck speed. No, this summer I will take it all in, read, knit, enjoy people, savor good food and get this 42 year old body ready for a marathon in November.
Here's whats on my knitting needles:

Now is that cute or what?  I love the sweet little owls blinking at me on the yoke.  My first attempt at a  pullover, we'll see if it will be wearable by fall.

Finished reading this book recommended by my SIL. She loves to read as much as I do and she always recommends books to me that turn out to be spellbinding. This was no exception. Wonderful book! Read it this summer!

I just ordered these flip flops yesterday.  I can't wait to finish the sumemr and see if it's really true that they last forever.   My Chacos have seen better days and after a couple mission trips they are ready to retire from  day to day use.

  Well, I am off to enjoy my first early Friday afternoon. This is the first summer I have gotten half days on Fridays. Makes the long days with no lunch the other four worth it.


Cathryn said...

I'm going to read The Help this summer. It's on Jake's reading list for 10th grade (10th grade!!!) so I figure it's a service to him to read it. You know it's been made into a movie and I think it comes out in August.

Harriet said...

My Mom got me to order "The Help" for her because she could so relate to the segregation and way of life in the book. Now she is sharing the book with Ethel, who comes to the house to sit with Daddy. It is so interesting because Ethel is a little older than my mother and is a black woman, who can also really relate to the story.

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