Thursday, June 2, 2011

canopy road

Somedays your run can find you in unfamiliar territitory. A run in a new place is good for your mind and body. Not knowing what to expect keeps your senses sharp and you observe and experience new sights and sounds.

This morning, I found myself on canopy Road.  My sister's house backs up to the most beautiful road I've ever seen.  Giant oaks line either side and branches join like clasped hands to cover the road in a  tunnel of trees. Spanish moss drapes down to make curtain thatfilters the early morning sun.   The warm humid Florida air makes breathing hard this morning. The thick air is heavy and already sweat trickles down my face, burning my eyes. The canopy road gives relief to the hot humid air.  The shadows fall on the road and a gentle breeze greets my face.  As the breeze blows the sweat from my eyes, it carries the the heady scent from the wild honeysuckle from the roadside.  The early morning sun streams theough openings in the arms of the oaks  makes abstract designs on the pavement that my feet connect with rhythmic patterns.

My mind drifts now to thoughts of sisters.  My two sisters I left at the house, talking and chattering about the day.  The sisters to whom we fed early morning bottles.  Their tiny lips surrounded by a  crusty milk mustaches.  I think about the two sisters that live at my house. I think about the adjustment of the upcoming year and how life will change for both of them.

All these thoughts weave through my mind and as my feet pound out a mindless pattern, and my breathing repeats the cadence, I notice that I have gone farther down this canopy road than I intended.  I hear a dog bark in the distance and that is my cue to turn around and head home, if I can find it.  I'm sure my sister has a pot of coffee waiting.  A good start to a relaxing day.  I feel at peace with the world.  There is a  great comfort in having  and in being a sister.  A built in friend. Someone like you and someone so different. Forever joined by an invisible thread.

And that's my thoughts on my canopy road run.


Roxanne said...

And now I'm crying! Nothing like the love of a sister! Thank God for mine!

Harriet said...

I am so glad that you and Heather got to come down. There is only so much that Mothers and Mothers-in-law can do. Sisters are special.

Kim said...

I agree wih Roxanne their is nothing like the love a sister. I missed mind very much, but God blessed me with another and I really enjoy the time we spend together. God also blessed me with alot of sisters in Christ who are just as special as my blood relatives and just so you know you are one of those love ya girl

Heather said...

It is a weekend I will cherish forever!

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