Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salute to Mom's Day

This Mothers Day was different on many accounts, and I have to say, one of the best I've ever had.  Yes, even better than my very first Mothes Day.  That was the year that Wayne decided to celebrate his baby mama with an electric razor.  Yeah, it was less than stellar. He's come a long way baby.

This year, my mother was busy taking care of babies in Florida with my baby sister. So I pretty much had the day to myself to be spoiled, and I was.

I was a tad concerned that the girls may forget it was Mother's Day. I'm not sure if Wayne was just yanking my chain or not, but he mentioned to me that the girls were old enough and had a somewhat independent source of money this year, so he was leaving it up to them to remember and do something all by themselves.  I was not disappointed however, becasue as Ginny told me ," How could we forget Mother's day? It's not like it wasn't plastered all over Walmart."    

I realized  when I woke up that morning that this is probably the last Mother's Day that Leslie would be at home as one of my baby chicks.  Gulp, another sad moment in the ride to her becoming an adult.

Wayne bought me the biggest most beautiful geranium ever and told me that morning that after church we would go eat Greek. I was happy because 1) I love Greek, and 2) It goes pretty good with this doggone bean diet I'm on.

Church was great. I love it that Andy, our pastor, mixes things up.  The service was brought to us by various mothers and the wisdom in the room was amazing.  Then he had all the mothers come forward, and the rest of the church gathered around them to pray a blessing over them. It was my favorite Mother's Day Sunday ever.

The girls and Wayne took me to Metropolis.  It was delicious, and they suffered through it.  Ginny expanded her horizons with a chicken finger and french fry basket.  And we laughed.  And we talked. And Wayne teased me which made the girls laugh even more.  And I thought, I love them, so much.  I thought, I want to always stay just like this.... but it won't.  No, it will change every year, and it will be better than the last.  I miss home made cards from little girls, but I laugh at the hilarious card they picked out for me this year. I love it that they spend their own money to buy me the prettiest spider plant you have ever seen.  I love it that even though life changes, it gets better. I love to see beautiful smart funny girls across the table and know that I am blessed....and loved. 

The rest of the day was absolute leisure.  I took a long intoxicating Mothers Day nap, and knittted a little.  The girls and Wayne piddled, and napped and watched movies.

Wayne drove me up to the corner store late that afternoon and we got a Diet Pepsi and pork skins, and that was supper. It was good.  I hugged my girlies extra hard and I think they squeezed me back just as hard, after all, it was Mother's Day


Hollie said...

Precious post, Steph! And you made me cry. Our babies grow up too fast! You are a great momma! Hugs!

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