Thursday, May 5, 2011

I was never supposed to get this attached

It all began with a sweet little girl named Kelli. When I started  my job at the college health center, I discovered that a perk of the university system was having student workers in your office. They did your bidding, anything you wanted done, like run across campus and get me a sandwich, to file these papers, any job you didn't feel like doing, they were more than happy to complete for you.

Kelli was so much fun. She had the cutest giggle and best of all, she was fun to tease.  Our office is like a family, and it didn't take long to spoil and mother our "baby".  And then the unthinkable happened, she graduated and left us. It hurt. She never looked back.

I was determined to never let another student worker wound my heart, and then the twins came. Courtney and Lindsey are well, our girlies. We have guided them through relationships, encouraged them to become runners, chastised them for indecent clothing. and laughed, oh how we have laughed.

They have made the separation much easier by living a year after graduation in Milly.  We have been able to see them occaisionally and even run together quite often, and suddenly, it seems as if we have become their friends instead of just their Milledgeville mamas.

When Jessica walked in our clinic two years ago, I was determined to keep her at a business distance.  I tried to avoid teasing her.  When she would giggle I would turn my chair around. I could not, I would not become attached to another student worker. It was just too painful when they leave.

She graduates on Saturday and even though she will be in the office until June, I am sad.  I did it again. I was never supposed to get attached, but I did. I will miss her. She will miss us too.  We pry into her personal life, giving unsolicited relationship advice. We warn her of the dangers of being out too late, and take care of her when she is sick. She's all grown up, and just like the others it's time for her to leave.  She is a strong beautiful woman, our work is finished.  I'll be darned if I am gonna love another student worker. I'm not even asking them their name next semster.


Hollie said...

Aww...guess it was better to love and then lose, than never love at all. :)

Harriet said...

What a blessing you are to all the mom's of these girls that send them away to college. So good to know there is someone looking out for them.

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