Thursday, May 12, 2011

Whatcha readin'?

I have lots of online friends.  Some are real life friends that I talk to everyday, others I talk to every once in awhile and their blog is how I keep up with them.  Some are friends from long ago and some I've never met.  I read a variety of blogs. So I thought I'd share some fun ones and ask you to leave in comments section blogs you enjoy.

Of course I hit my sister's blogs everyday:
Heather and Liz

These are really good friends of mine. Some write all the time, some sporadically but always enjoy them:

Knitting: My new passion. Reading knitting blogs helps me find cool patterns and  funky yarn.

Adventures of a Rogue Knitter
Spud &Chloe
The Purl Bee 
The Yarn Harlot

Coupons: The hottest craze among women everywhere! This is where I find good coupons, bargain, and freebies.

Southern Savers
The Bargain Babe
Krazy Coupon Lady

Fitness: I love these blogs. Usually they have some sort of challenge to get up and get going.
Life After Bagels
Chocolate Runners Blog

Bible blogs, I mean like who isn't gonna listen to what Beth Moore has to say
Desiring God
Stuff Christians Like
The LPM blog
Mark Driscoll: The Resurgence

This is only a small portion of the blogs I read. What are you reading?


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