Monday, May 2, 2011

My take on Bin Laden

Twitter and Facebook have been electric with the news that Bin Laden is dead.  There is wide range of opinions.  I have read comments that range from praise for our military and thankfulness that this mad man has been silenced, to others who condemn any taking of a life.  Some have used scripture to back up opinions while others have posted crude and even offensive reponses.

Here's my take on Bin Laden-

I did not personally lose a friend or family member in 9/11, but I watched  a widow that is probably about my age this morning on the Today show.  She held a photo of her husband while tears streamed down her face.  For anyone who has been a victim of terror, there is comfort in knowing that God, while full of love and slow to wrath, is also full of justice.  He is longsuffering and calls all men to repentance, but he also defends the widows and orphans.  He makes all things right.

I just finished reading through Deuteronomy and Joshua.  Astounding to me how God repeatedly instructed the children of Israel to obliterate, completely destroy the inhabitants of Canaan. Over and over He told Joshua to destroy every man, woman and child.  Where is love in that?  Is it a contradiction in His character to value life, yet demolish an entire people group?

The soverignty of God is a concept that I am just now beginning to study. It has opened my spiritual eyes to a side of His character that I previously never appreciated.  Funny how opinionated humans try to understand and explain the mind of God. He is God, we are dust. His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways not our ways.

He is altogether just when he commands an entire nation be destroyed, yes even the children.  He retains his holiness when an island nation is drowned in a tsunami and  people are washed out to sea.  He is God when cancer kills, when spouses walk out, when babies are aborted.

Will Osama's death cause terrorism to cease?  No. Will it increase terroristic activity against Americans? Maybe.  Will it bring back the dead who were lost on 9/11? We know it won't.

But this we do know, God will not be mocked or ignored.  He is patient not wanting anyone to perish. He gives new mercies every morning, but He is soverign in every thing He does and everything He allows.  He uses simple people like you and me.  He uses earthquakes and tsunami's.  He uses kings and orphans.  He can even use Navy Seals.


Anonymous said...

So, are you preaching Sunday??? That was good! It's how I feel but couldn't put into words. Preach it, Sista!

Jennifer Nunn said...

I agree with Worth! You have such a way with words and if you are preaching Sunday let me know cause I love me some good preachin'!

Tina said...

Girl... gonna post this and hope that it spreads. Well said!

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

Well said Steph. I was overwhelmed last night with grief & a heavy heart. God desires that "none should perish" yet our Christian brothers & sisters were celebrating a soul entering eternal damnation. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that the horrors that followed bin Laden's choices are gone. But I fear they shall only be transferred to another evil man. But, as I thought about him entering hell & finally realizing his need for Jesus and knowing it was too late for him to choose Life, my heart grieved. As much as God grieved bin Laden's choices on this earth, I believe God grieved more for eternal separation from someone He loved & sent His son to die for. I was also disappointed in fellow believers who celebrated - not the end to injustice - but rather a soul going to hell.

glenda said...

Thank you so much Stephanie. What wonderful reminders of the Sovereign God who loves us, saves us and uses us for His glory in spite of ourselves.

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