Sunday, May 1, 2011


that is how I would describe the last month of my life.  I just got through reading my friend Roxanne's blog. She has had a horrific month but has managed to see God's hand in it all and has even been able to celebrate in the middle of sadness.  While my life is not in the middle of crisis, I share her sentiments that it has been a whirlwind.  Thus the reason my posts have been scarce,  that, and I seem to have a form of writers block. Maybe there is too much going on's a summary of the last mind numbing 2 weeks....

My church hosted a 5K for the Compassionate Care Clinic where I volunteer.  I helped to organize it and despite the fact that a tornado came barreling through town and hour before the race was scheduled to start, it was a great success! We had over 75 runners. We raised over $4500 for the clinic, and look, my sweet running buddy Courtney and I both placed!

Maybe the best part of the Run for Compassion was seeing my two girls get out there and run it too!

The next week we left to go camping at my favorite spot in the entire world, Moccasin Creek in Clayton. We had a blast!  We spent about 4 days in the peace and quiet. We celebrated Ginny's 15th birthday, we hiked, we read, I knitted. It was a little slice of heaven.  We have discovered that camping with kids is so much fun, especially when they are not yours. I love it. Our friends the Parkers have three boys that make me laugh so hard!  Tina kept me motivated to run while we were gone and we both decided that cross country through the woods was actually easy on the knees and we loved it. 

Leslie stayed at home to job hunt. (Well that was the excuse she gave us)  She found out that she passed her ACT and was accepted to University of West Georgia.  Happy times in the Welch house! We are super excited! So we find ourselves in the middle of graduation invitations, party planning and college forms.

Today was a day of celebration, We traveled to Florida to see my two sweet nieces who were born yesterday.  They are fresh from heaven and have that new baby smell, tiny cupid lips, and the sweetest toes ever.  They deserve a post all their own but for now, I'll leave you with this...........

Kate and Rose Oliff


Harriet said...

So glad y'all got to come down today, I know Liz was really looking forward to your visit. I think she needed some "sister support".

The photo on your blog of the two girls together was the first one I had seen, so I hope you don't mind that I copied to put on my FB page.

I look forward to us all watching them grow up together.


Tina said...

So glad you are back to blogging! I was about to give up on you!! I LOVE the names Kate and Rose... so precious!

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