Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm not busy....just boring

Seems like after running last week, I am officially in a runners and writing block.  I cannot get motivated to run, nor can I conjure up anything remotely interesting to talk about on this blog. Frustrating!
So here is a compilation of boring snippets for lack of anything else remotely interesting...........

Tomorrow I get my hair cut.  This is a major milestone.  I always wear my hair super short, it just seems easier to deal with.  After I got a pixie cut before going to Africa last summer, I decided it was time to let it grow out.  I have not cut it since July. It is super shaggy but long! (Long meaning almost to my chin, and past my neck in the back.)  My goal is a ponytail.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some sense of style.

I am almost half way on my nieces blanket. Did you know that my ADD makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on an afghan knitting project? I much prefer socks, but I am loving this pattern and they may share a blanket with socks for each!

After reading this blog, I decided to get ruthless and clean my closet.  I finally gave away all the pants that I cannot, or do not wear.  I told myself if I lose enough weight I'll just buy some new ones.  Not much danger of that, what with the runners block and all.......
There is an inner sense of peace to walk into my closet and see less stuff.  What I see is what I wear.  Thanks "Not Going Postal" for the kick start!

Well I know this post has had you at the edge of your seat.....but I gotta go put some clothes in the dryer. I'll leave you with some of my shutterbugs latest work...........................


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