Thursday, March 17, 2011

The ups and downs of running

I ran my slowest ever 5K.  Wayne was kind and said it was because I'm over 40. I know better....I need to lose about 30 lbs.

Sunday I run my first ever half marathon and although I know I will be fine, I'd really like to get through it without walking.  I've got my mantras ready..."What the mind can concieve, the body can achieve" (thanks Kenny for that one!) and "You can do it girl, one step at a time" I can always use this one, "Looking good girl, keep it up"

I've got my ipod loaded with Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Journey, Tony Mac and Mandisa.  I even have  a sermon by Mark Driscoll if I think I want to quit. Tonight I had no ipod and it was rough.

If I can make it though this race, maybe I'll tackle a marathon in the fall, or maybe I'll just stick with neighborhood 5K's. 

The best part of this race is running with my girlies. They have been so much fun to train with, even the days we did sprints.  I would have quit this whole thing a long time ago if it were not for them.  I would have been content to run my 3 miles a day and an occasional 5K. Never push myself, but I'm glad I'm gonna stretch my limits a little.

So here's to stepping your of your comfort zone.........


Hollie said...

hey're looking good...and you CAN do it! can't wait to hear. And way to push yourself!!!

Lynnie said...

Run Forest Run!!!

Heather said...

Time doesn't matter - only completing it does. If you've run 10 miles the momentum from the race will carry you the extra three miles. I am proud of you!

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