Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Plethora of Emotions

This sums up my weekend.  Lots of emotions...........

Saddened- Everytime I turn on the TV or pull up the internet I am so saddened by the  devastation of Japan.  My Sunday School class (all women) specifically prayed for the Japanese women who lost children, husbands, parents in a way I cannot comprehend.  We prayed that the God of all comfort would reveal Himself to them, would draw them to Himself.

Loved- Wayne took me to Carrabas then shopping for new running clothes as a early birthday celebration.  The girls went with us.  It was one of those family times that is rare and will be even more so in the next few months.

Worried- I am running my first half marathon next Sunday. I hope I can finish it. I felt very nauseous last time I ran 10 miles, and that's three less than the half.  I got nauseated when I ran today (of course I had just eaten) so I kept thinking , "there is no way I can do this next weekend" How's that for postive thinking?

Hopeful- Andy preached such an awesome message this morning. He's been going through Jude and today he encouraged us to stay in the fight.  God uses ordinary people to build His kingdom.  God really spoke to me through his message, and a conversation with a friend that when we are a "nobody" that's when He does His best work through display his glory.

Happy- I talked to Jamie, one of my sweet, sweet friends that I never seem to find time to talk with.  She is a busy working mom like me, so she gets that it may be a while in between our convesation, but we can pick right up where we left off.  I hugged her so hard this morning and heard all about what God is doing in her life and every time I thought back to that sweet conversation today it made me smile.

Peaceful- I had a picnic lunch on perhaps the most beautiful day of the entire year.  We had chicken salad sandwiches (made from the SCA grilled chicken) and sat in the sunshine.  We ate and talked with friends, enjoyed their little boys running around, and mostly just soaked up the goodness of God to bless us with a gorgeous day.

All in all, a very good weekend. 


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