Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Once upon a time

there lived a man who had two beautiful daughters.  One looked like him, the other like his sweetheart.  For some reason, God decided he needed daughters instead of sons. He did not care that he never had a son, he loved his daughters more than life.

He decided that girls need to learn to appreciate the outdoors too, so he took them camping and on long walks in the woods.  He took them swimming in the lakes and taught them how to fish. They loved being outside as much as him.

They grew up and lost interest, or so they thought, in the great outdoors. They would rather ride in cars, listen to ipods and go to movies.  The only ones left to take walks in the woods were the man and his sweetheart.

This did not seem to make the man sad, for he loved his sweetheart, and he loved his girls.  The wise man knew that when his daughters looked through old pictures they would laugh and relive memories of when they were little girls.  He knew that when they gave him grandchildren, he would get to enjoy the great outdoors with them again.  Mostly, he knew that even though we don't always live it out, we hold what we've been taught to love close to our hearts.


Liz said...

you should preface this..."pregnant women do not read unless you want to cry!"

Roxanne said...

Shoot...this'll make anyone cry, pregnant or not!

Jamie said...

So so sweet! Daniel loves the picture of Wayne with hair!!! I love the pictures of your sweet little girls who grew up to love riding in cars, listen to their iPods and go to movies! It reminds me of when I was little. Red hair & freckle faced like your oldest beauty. :)

Love you!!! Missed you this weekend!!!

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