Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Catch up

Here's kinda how the weekend went:

Friday night, which has officially turned into our stay in, cook on the grill and watch "Gold Rush" was bliss. After a long hard week, I was so excited about laying around. Wayne cooked some chicken on the grill. I walked in the door, immediately got into my PJ's and started on a new pair of socks. Remember when I told you I wanted to knit a pair ever month this year? Well, February is quickly fading, so I figured I better get moving.  Delicate pink socks with white cuffs, toes and heels. Probably will totally regret the white, but it looks precious.
While Wayne watched "Gold Rush" I watched TV in the bedroom. I am sick and tired of Discovery channel toying with my emotions. I refuse to hope and wish for those Alaskan miners to strike gold. I have moved on to 20/20 which told a fascinating story of the Kim family that got lost in Oregon for nine days in 2006. 

Saturday morning, I got up to see Leslie off to take the ACT. Said many prayers for her through the morning, and we'll see how she fared in about 6 weeks. Praying for a solid 17 on math scores.  I spent the most wonderful day cleaning and knitting and even got on the ellipitical.  Never left the house except for a super quick trip to Walmart.  We went with our friends to Freedom church on Saturday night to their Valentines banquet. Sat with Heidi and Tim. I absolutely love that girl! We talked each others ears off.  I love it when people love Jesus and love each other.

Sunday was well, wonderful.  Our church has really gone through some hard dark times over the past few years.  The last few months have been extraordinary.  Despite (or maybe because of) going through difficult days, God seems to be pouring out a new anointing on this place.  I've realized that so many of the people I love dearly are standing beside me ready to really work.  God has done cool things in the last few weeks. He has created a sense of unity like I have never felt before.  He has spoken a warm blessing over our worship.  He has anointed our pastor. 
As we sang "Lord. I'm amazed by You" I thought about the words I was singing.  "How wide, how deep, how great is Your love for me." His love is never ending. People come and go in your life, in your fellowship. but God is unchanging.  That stability holds us as we go through uncertain times.  And then it dawns on you one day, that God is doing a new thing in your midst.

I look around this morning and see the faces of people that I love, and that I know love God with all their hearts. I see new faces that God has brought. I realize that although God's ways are not always clear, they are all together trustworthy.  There is an unmistakable  excitement in the air. He is leading us into a sure place, a place of spiritual prosperity that we were not ready for.  Bring it on Jesus.  Be big in our midst.


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