Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A simple question

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Today I text this simple question to some of my friends: What did God tell you out of His Word this morning?

Wow! Amazing responses!  These are the answers I got all throughout the day.  These women are insightful and their responses were so encouraging.  These are just average busy women who stop, and listen as the God of the universe speaks into their lives and this is what He said:

"He is coming back and no man knows when, don't want to find me lacking. Crud- I think He might be unhappy when He comes. I have to do something about that.  the big word is love for all people He created. Broken on down to trying to tell and truly relfect Him to those I come in contact with."

"To know that He is God and He is able!"

"let us not love in word or speech but in actions and truth...real love."

"GRACE. Be the ONE people are looking for the difference in."

"Psalms 63:1-8 david was so satisfied in the Lrod he expected total satisfaction in his soul and physical needs. I desire the same expectation."

"Psalms 139 God knows me better than anyone, wants to be with more than anyone, He is always thinking about me and loves me more than I'll ever understand or realize! his presence was and is overwhelming me today."

I'll post more as the day progresses so check back often.

*More updates*

"Godly grief brings repentance, wordly grief brings death."

 "God is holy, (reading the OT book of Exodus about all the priests went through before they entered the temple) but he wants to have a relationship with us, who are so unholy. As a result, Jesus came to bring us near to God. That is an awesome thought! Through Jesus, we can come to God and talk to Him, walk with Him. He has an individual Word for all His children."


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are great! God is at work!

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