Friday, February 11, 2011

The less you need the more you have

I just finished up "Radical". Wow! Gave me alot to think about.  I have been asking God to bless me with more so that I could bless others in my life who really need it. Surprisingly, He told me I have plenty to share. He told me that I don't need more, I need to want less. So with this fresh on my mind I am doing an inventory of my life to see where excess is. Asking God to show me what please Him and what doesn't.
Insightful.  I caution you, do not pray anything like this unless you intedn to do something when He shows you. Believe me, He is showing me areas of complete self-centeredness in my life. Areas that are shamefully wasteful.  Material things that I think I "need" but don't.  Better ways of using the resources He has given me.

 Here is the Radical Experiment that David Platt invites the reader to embark on for a year:
1.Pray for the entire world in a year
2.Read the entire Bible in a year
3.Sacrifice your money for a specific Purpose
4.Spend your time in another context

What would our lives look like if we lived a radical life for a year?  Is it really radical or is merely obedience?

I found this interesting article online this afternoon. He expresses my thoughts perfectly.


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