Wednesday, December 3, 2008

***Christmas Shopping Update***

Due to our decision to downscale the whole Christmas spending this year... I'll be completely done with my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I am excited. It's been somewhat of a relief to stay within my budget, and get gifts for the girls and Wayne that hopefully they will really enjoy. Every year I say I am going to try to keep my focus on Christmas and not let my spending getnout of hand, but usually I go over budget, then feel badly about it. This year I've done a pretty good job. Feels good.

Now the only issue... what do you do about people who give you a gift, but due to your downsizing, you choose to limit your giving, and they just didn't make the cut on your list? How do you manage to not hurt their feelings, but keep you spending reigned in?

What do you do to try and keep your focus on relationships and the experience and not "stuff"? I'm curious....


Heather said...

Since I love to cook - I make cookies. Or for a friend, I have even framed a good picture of the two of us. Since I also am a huge reader I love to get people books -they really are pretty inexpensive.

Tina Gillian said...

I like the baking cookies idea... pluse you can do that with the girls. Also, just be sure to say it over and over in front of those particular friends that you aren't doing gifts this year.... maybe they will get the hint! Now don't come up to me Sunday and start talking about your "downscaling"!!!! Love ya!

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