Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Facebook vs. blogger

I started blogging long before I ever had a Facebook account. In fact, I haven't been on facebook that long. I actually wanted to be "friends" with my girls so that was the whole point of FB. They lovingly explained to me that this was not possible, because their reputation would take a beating to have my smiling face in their friends list. It hurt, but I started hanging around FB and I have met up with some old friends, lots of my high school and college friends that I lost track of have reunited with me! It has been so fun. Leslie still reminds me that FB originally was started "for the kids, and now all the adults have just taken over!"

The truth is FB is addictive. I limit myself, or else the clothes would never get washed, children fed or husband loved on!

To be honest however, I enjoy blogging and reading blogs a whole lot more! There are people I never met that I really feel like I know from reading thier blogs. What about you, do you like blogs or FB, or both?


Heather said...

So I vowed never to get on Facebook because "everyone" was getting on it. But Geoff was having fun talking to all the nieces, so I got sucked in. I do love that you can keep in contact with family and it finds friends you haven't seen in forever. But I am still a blogger at heart.

Anonymous said...

Well it's true Heather has become a FB addict, but I truly think that Blogging shows your true self much more than FB could ever do. People can't learn what I like and who I am from a bunch of buttons, Status updates, or super pokes.
Now if they took the time to read my blog then they would find out I am a complete inconvenience to society.

Tina G. said...

Will Parker said they need to make a separate FB for old people and we were all LAME!! I thought about blogging on my FB page in the "notes" section. Check out Spencer Easter's......

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