Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

This post is a collection of completely random happenings today.

- My friend Hollie is pregnant. She is such a sweety! I am praying she has a girl because she is over the top fru-fru.

-I finished my last day of work until January 5th! I loved saying "See ya' next year" when we left today.

-Wayne and the girls helped me grocery shop. It was fun. Wayne and I like to play a guessing game at the check out. We both say the number we think the bill will be and see who's closest. I was $23.00 off. (to the good)

-I talked to Lynn my SIL. She is hosting the Christmas Eve shindig like she does every year. I am so glad that Wayne's oldest sister and family from Indiana are coming. That is a real treat since we seldom spend Christmas together.

-Tomorrow is date afternoon with Wayne. He is taking me to lunch, then finish up shopping. Looking forward to lunch, not so much the Walmart madness.

- I have not spoken to either one of my girls the entire weekend, because they have been completely absorbed in the vampire world of "Twilight". I have had to pry the book from their fingers and beg them to eat. Leslie is one book #2 and is totally oblivious to the fact that she is in the middle of a toxic dumping ground of a bedroom!

- This plate is my favorite Christmas gift so far. It is complete cuteness. BTW- She was one my "cut off" list
- Have you ever noticed that half the fun of the holidays is the days leading up to it? Enjoy your pre-Christmas days. Hug you babies, kiss your man, and let the rude people at Walmart jump ahead of you! It's all good!


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