Friday, December 5, 2008

Why would you want a stinkin' boy?

I am the mother of two gorgeous girls. I wouldn't trade anything for them! Life in our house has always been full of giggles, babydolls, playing house. Gentle and sweet.

Why in the world would you want a stinkin' boy? They are destructive! They are loud and like guns!

Girls love to group together, share secrets and giggles
While boys prefer to kill each other, and break anything of value in their path.

Girls can make a fool of their daddy, with a smile on their pretty little face the entire time!

So I ask you, what do you see in a little boy that could possibly make you want one? They are trouble looking for a place to happen!

I can't think of a single reason I'd want one...except...well...maybe that precious grin. What secrets do you have behind that mischievous grin?

And those eyes! I've always been a sucker for baby blues!

OK, so maybe I'd love to have a little boy at my house! Wouldn't Wayne look sweet with a little guy following him around?

I guess we'll just borrow Gage, or wait around for grandbabies... That's a long time from now!


Anonymous said...

Boys are PRECIOUS!!! Yall can borrow Gage long as you bring him back!

Cathryn said...

And boys love their Mamas in a different way than girls do...they just try to hide it when they are about 12 years old!

Heather said...

You couldn't be more right - those big puppy dog eyes melt my heart! Even if he isn't a dad to one - my boys think Uncle Wayne is pretty cool after buying his own gun to take part in the Nerf battle!

Tina G. said...

Little boys have super powers in their eyes.... their eyes shoot these "sucker rays" out that penetrate straight through to your heart and completely take over the control that you had to make any rational decision.... then you just pick him up, kiss him on the lips and snuggle your face in his neck and its all over from there! Then he starts acting like a stinkin, gun toting, dinosaur killing machine then!

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