Thursday, December 25, 2008

nobody does it better....

I am a blessed woman. I married into a family that really knows how to do Christmas Eve right. Since I can remember Wayne, me and the girls spend Christmas Eve at Lynn's, his older sister. There are no awkward situations, drunk relatives or overbearing aunts who ask about my weight. Instead, we enter their home and experience an explosion of Christmas decorating that rivals Martha Stewart. Craig begins shortly after T-giving and the house is a smorgasbord of lights, greenery and sparkles. Come take a peak at our Christmas Eve celebrating:

This year was extra special because Patricia, Jay, Patrick and Christian from way up in Indiana were there and there is nothing like good time when Wayne and his sisters get together!

Lynn had a full agenda that included a craft project. Check out these super cool ornaments that we made. Leslie is deep in concentration!

Ta-Dah! Aren't these cuteness? Rub and stick letters, who'd a thought could bring so much fun for my girlies?

Next up was Christmas trivia, Oh yeah baby. The competition was fierce! I think there may have been a little cheating going on.....

Craig and Leslie played it cool. In the end neither of these two displayed very outstanding Christmas knowledge.
In Lynn's world of Christmas trivia everyone is a winner. We played Sneaky Santa and stole the highly coveted prizes. I walked away with a light up Nascar ink pen.
What's Christmas without gifts?

When it was all said and done, a great time was had by all. As for these two, well I guess they just can't keep up, or else they indulged in a little too much of Craig's legendary egg nog!


Anonymous said...

What fun we had! We are so fortunate to have this time together. Did anyone else notice Craig and Matt in the exact same sleep position? The nut hasn't fallen far from the tree!

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