Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little sis' is gettin' hitched

She's the baby, the caboose, the little one who had to grow up pretty much by herself. By the time she was in school, the rest of us where married and having our own babies. Even now it's hard to realize she is grown and been on her own for 3 years!. Liz is getting married this Saturday to such a sweet guy. We met Morgan at Christmas last year and love him! No more baby in the house. In fact, I hope that we'll have another new baby around soon . The youngest grandbaby is already eight!

Not only are we going to a wedding, we are having a family reunion! Our family hasn't all been together since summer of 2007. We are way overdue! I am so excited! Heather and I will be taking pictures galore to post on our blogs, so we'll let you in on all the fun when we return, just in time for Lynn and Craig to get here for Thanksgiving.... the fun never stops. Now that is entirely different story! Have I ever told you about shopping with Lynn and Megan the day after Thanksgiving?


steph said...

mama you left out sidney she's 5

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