Monday, November 3, 2008

A Preacher Man

Christopher Bagley is my niece's boyfriend and he is a preacher man. He just recently informed his family and friends that God has called him to be a preacher. Pretty big responsibility, and growing up a preachers kid, I can testify that his life is forever changed.

Last night was his first official sermon. It was quite an event. The service was really cool because it felt like the entire church family was just enveloping him in love. It was quite a celebration with laughter, tears, singing, shouting, hugging and finally we all settled down to hear from the preacher man. Let me just say, in my churchgoing years, I've heard lots of first timers, and we waited with nervous expectation. Preacher Bagley brought it! From Romans, 8 he preached on the importance of prayer in our lives. His presentation was flawless, he never stuttered or lost his place. None of that really matters however, because time and experience will smooth any preacher. No, what really impressed me was to see this shy quiet boy, transform into a steady confident preacher man. His words were sure, not from experience, but from conviction that he was God's messenger.

I'll remember Christopher's first sermon when he is a big time preacher. He is now responsible to marry and bury all of us. God has big plans for him.
At any rate, it'll be lots of fun watching my Lynn grandparent preachers kids!


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