Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mema

Last night we celebrated my mother's 65th birthday. In was a night of hot wings, bakery cake and laughter. In honor of her journey to senior citizen I want to list top 10 reasons why I love my mom.

1)She is BY FAR the world's BEST grandmother (or MeMa as the girls call her)
2)She neither coddled or spoiled any of her daughters, and as a result she raised 5 strong women.
3)She taught us to LOVE books. Oh the places I have traveled through reading!
4)She has endured suffering in her life, buried a daughter,and both parents, raised 5 kids on little money but was never given to complaining and many times I heard her say "this too shall pass."
5)Married at 17, she was determined that her daughters would go to college, and we all did. She placed a high value on education.
6)She speaks her mind, at times that has caused lots of friction, but you never doubt where you stand even if you don't agree.
7)She is my dad's soulmate, they are truly the best of friends.
8)Birthdays were a huge celebration. Even now, when I turn 40, she'll make my favorite meal---lasagna and chocolate cake!
9)She sewed all our clothes, and one of my favorite memories was the fabric store, where we'd pick out fabric and patterns for Easter dresses!
10)She showed all of us the way to Jesus. She has lived out a faith that has been at times hard, but genuine.

This and many reasons more are why I say I love you Mom! Happy Birthday!


Heather said...

You are right on - The only thing I can add is she is probably one of the most giving people I know. You have to watch what you say around her or she will try to be giving you all her stuff. I was just talking to her about learning to crochet and she was trying to send me her hooks and thread.

Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

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