Sunday, November 9, 2008

What are you doing right this very minute?

I am
1)smelling bacon fry while Wayne cooks his Sunday night special: pancakes and bacon
2)enjoying Virginia giving me a back rub (I hurt my back playing racquetball this week. It really sucks to hit 40)
3)listening to the familiar sounds of Nascar from the TV. Wayne's favorite Sunday night viewing, hey I have to let him watch it... he's cooking!
4)thinking about how much I enjoyed worship this morning. We sang my favorite song "Jesus Messiah" Love it! Love it! I got to see my favorite friend Lauren.
5)hoping Leslie's ear infection and croupy cough get better by tomorrow.

What are you doing? besides reading this post?!?


Cathryn said...

Missed you at IHOP tonight. We were with a "new" crowd tonight...Jamie and Daniel, Brad and Amber, and Rick. Have a great week!

Liquidspider said...

Running around Sea World with my pants off. =^P

Heather said...

I've just pushed my kids out out the door for school. Drinking a cup of coffee. Debating if I should lay back down in bed while my load of laundry finishes up. Waiting for Geoff to come home from work. I love Monday's - the only rare day I get to be lazy like this.

Anonymous said...

I'm working and reading your blog on the internet. Hmmm - conflict of interest? I never knew Wayne could cook. Let's put him in charge of all the side dishes for Thanksgiving. Love you, Lynn

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