Saturday, November 15, 2008

You know it's Christmas at our house when.....

1) We go family shopping. One Saturday before Christmas we go to the city, split up and shop with the girls. They find gifts for each other and for me and Wayne. We go to lunch somewhere really good and then to see the Christmas movie.

2) We go to Aunt Lynn and Uncle Craig's for Christmas Eve. This is probably my favorite tradition. Since the first year we were married, Christmas Eve Has meant a trip to Lynn, Wayne's sister. We spend all day laughing. The kids open presents. Craig and Wayne hang out on the deck smoking cigars and grilling deer tenderloin. Lynn cooks shrimp chowder. After we eat, Wayne and I and Lynn and Craig ride around and look at lights. The night is finshed off by eating some sort of ridiculously good cake Lynn made and watching "Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation" Yes, we watch it every year!

3)we turn out the lights after the girls decorate the tree and eat Christmas cookies and hot chocolate or tea while we look at the lights glow.

4)Candle light Christmas service.... Beautiful!

What are some favorite Christmas traditions at your house?


Cathryn said...

Awww, you're getting into the Christmas spirit early too! My favorite Christmas tradition is that we open our gifts, one at a time so we can enjoy seeing the looks on everyone's faces. At my Mama's it was mayhem, with everybody opening at one time, except for my Daddy, who was trying to clean up the paper immediately then burning it in the fireplace! I like to make the gift opening last as long as I can...then we stay in our pajamas ALL day long!

Heather said...

A few things we always do every year are:

We buy each kid their own ornament, usually symbolizing something we did or they achieved that year.

We have a drive through Christmas light show that is around 5 miles long we always go to.

We always have a movie day where we watch as many Christmas movies as we can cram in - Christmas Vacation (my favorite), A Christmas Story, Elf are our top favorite.

And we spend Christmas day in our pajamas.

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