Saturday, November 8, 2008

My world view

When I met Wayne, he told me that one day, when he had a family, they would live in the country. I was very interested in being that family he spoke of, and sure enough after 17 years, that's exactly where we live. We moved out in the country 3 years ago. I love it! I don't know that I could ever live with someone right up next to me again.
This is the view from my front porch- my favorite spot!
This is where I drink coffee, Relax after runs, spend quiet time with Wayne or one of the girls.

These two warriors are very valuable in keeping mice and snakes at bay!

This is the tract of land next door that we are in the process of buying. Wayne saw an big buck in it this morning! To the far left is two huge oak trees, under them is a cemetery from the Civil War. A little boy and his mama are buried there.

My closest neighbor

Only sign of spring left



Cathryn said...

You live so far in the country, that I've never even been to your house! Now I know how to find it...look for the trees ! ;o) It does look very peaceful. I can imagine that is exactly what you need after a day at your job.

DeAnna said...

Oh I wish.... although our constant "I forgot" runs to the store are nice, I would like to live out farther and have some land.

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