Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I wasn't really ready for the fun to end..

We just got home from 4 days of near bliss.
....A wedding that was beautiful, yet made me feel a little old and sad that my baby sister is now married....
....two days of sheer relaxation where I didn't move much further from the bed than to my chair on the beach, back up to the chair on the deck, then back to the couch...you get the idea.
...catching up with my sisters that I don't see that often. So glad that Heather and Geoff are bloggers so at least we connect more.

The only unblissful part
....was listening to Wayne hack and spew all over me with his newly acquired cold.
... sitting on I-75 for an hour this evening, but so glad it wasn't us in the wreck.
...realizing how large my butt is in photos that catch me from behind. Dern it I've got to diet!

Tomorrow I will grace you with photos, but let me leave one quick one for your viewing pleasure!


Heather said...

come on - you have to use the dead push up picture!

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