Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's on my knitting needles?

This is an inside out sock. I have to finish the toe. I love this super soft yarn. It is really easy to knit up, and I am quickly becoming obsessed with socks. They are fast, interesting and who doesn't love  a pair of handknit socks as a gift?

I finished this bag before we went to Boston. I love the cabled braid strap. It was alot of fun to make, but I didn't allow for stretch in the yarn as it hangs over my shoulder, and by the second day in Boston, it was more of a knee bag instead of a hip bag. Gotta do something with it besides that ugly knot I put in it! I think the answer may be in letting it be a kntting bag to haul my yarn in vs. a real purse I guess my lip gloss collection can get weighty!

My favorite thing as of late are these precious booties. Who are they for? My sweet niece that is coming in May. She will have beautiful dark hair and eyelashes like her daddy.  I am working on another set for her red haired brother who is probably wild and doesn't like to wear booties, but that is just too bad. He will have to wear them.
My baby sister, Liz, is having babies....two of them!  God truly has granted her a double blessing for her trials!


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