Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anniversary trip 2009

We spent our anniversary trip in Pensacola Florida this year.  While we usually spend it in the mountains, this year was a beach trip that included the wedding of Drew, the young man that works for Wayne.  Here are the highlights of our trip:

............The silver bullet, my Honda Oddysey that I've had for 8 years, blew up outside of Montgomery on the way down. (a fantastic story that is an entire post for another day)  Within an hour, we were on our way in a rental car.  That's right, my long legged husband was folded up into a Hyundai Accent.
............We stayed in a fantabulous condo, right smack dab on the beach, in fact, the pic above is the view off our balcony.  Our friends, Scott and Tina, and Jason and Megan stayed just a few rooms below us, so there was lots of eating ice cream, laughing, staying up late talking, etc. So Much Fun!
.........Flounders Seafood.....home of the famous clam chowder, but we opted for raw oysters and shrimp po'boys.
..........The wind was incredible. A walk on the beach made me feel like I was in a sandblaster!
...........Visited my old stomping grounds of PCC. Did I really survive there 4 years?  I saw several girls strolling the campus with flip flops on. What is this world coming to?  Got to visit some of my professors from nursing school. I felt old. The guy at the info desk ask me what year I graduated. When I told him "1991", the girl next to me said, "Oh, that was the year I was born." ugghhh! Why are they letting 8 year olds into college??
........Wayne was his usual sweet anniversary self, and let me get  a pedicure and even stolled through Tuesday Mornings with me, sat on the balcony with me while I drank coffee, and basically spoiled me rotten like he does every year.
.........But, like all good things, the end came and real life is back in swing.  Saturday is car shopping day. Wayne is excited, I'm nauseus.  I'll post my new ride on Saturday.


meganluttrull said...

I'm sure you will love whatever new car you (I mean Wayne) decide on! Thanks for letting us be apart of your anniversary trip. Jason and I look up to you guys so much. You were both an amazing example to us by taking the car explosion in stride (at least in public!!!). I hope i can be as patient with my van as you so we can be ready when the time comes....

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