Saturday, October 6, 2007

leavin' on a jet plane

In two hours I will be n my way across the Atlantic cean. This is my first tansatlantic-longer-than-four-hour flight. As a very anxious airtraveler I am not to thrilled with the prospects of 10 hours inside a metal tube approximately six miles above the ocean. BTW- where do you make an emergency landing when you are over the ocean??? Wayne lovingly pointed out to me this AM that when God wants you to come home to Him, it really does not matter where you are, you will go. So, I guess thinking from God's point of view, there is no way that I am increasing my chances by flying :)

I am going to Macedonia today, along with about seven others from my church. We all work in our indigient health clinic and are going to go visit our friends in Macedonia to look at helping them with health care outreach.
All the clothes are washed, suitcases packed and faces kissed. My two competent, beautiful daughters have assured me that they will mange just fine for a week without me. They know how to cook, wash clothes and bathe themselves. There's somthing to be said for leaving the baby phase of parenting.
Wayne has also assured me that although he will miss me, he will somehow muddle through the week.
Secretly, I am excited. I mean really excited. Besides getting away from work and day to day stuff, I can't wait to see what God is ging to show me this week. Have you every just got away from everything distracting and been in a place where you could let God really speak to you and see Him move? This is my week. I have spent the last month in prayer, I'm ready. James 4 tells us that the reason we do not have is becuse we don't ask. I have asked Him to do a much needed work in my heart his week.
Pray for me-- especially today, over the ocean, way high over the ocean.


DeAnna said...

I didn't read this until Sunday, but I will pray for you. It does sound exciting and scary all rolled into one! 5 people from our church as well as some others from another church just went on a medical missions trip to Honduras and did a presentation about it today. It sounds like it was amazing to see the Lord work, but also sad to see the real poverty these people are living in. I'll pray for you this week that you can really be used in the lives of these people -- even more than just their health, but they truly would see Christ in you!

Becky said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and the others while you are gone! I can't wait to hear from you all when you return.

jennyhope said...

thank you so much for your comment on my blog. i never know how I come across in typing something out. I do better to just say it. Anyway, what you said was dead on!

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