Friday, November 9, 2007


I have not posted in a long time-- Seems like I had a hard time getting my thoughts sorted out to intelligently write about it.

Who knew that my career choice to be a nurse would turn into an avenue for ministry? Pretty interesting that when I made my career choice, God's will for my life was not of huge importance to me. This mission trip was cool to show me how really shallow my Christian life is---

Biggest lesson learned- I emphasize too many superficial facets of my life instead of focusing on glorification of God through spreading the gospel to others. So as a result I have asked Him to start to weed out things that are of little or no value and show me what is essential- Scary-- He is great at letting you know that your time and money is going to things that are little value to Him, While affirming in your spirit when you focus on Kingdom work.

Here are some really fun pics of our group:

At a restaurant in Greece- Food was fantastic!

Here's all of the gang in Phillipi

If you get a chance to go an short term mission trip, it will change your life! We are planning on going back in the spring.

Oh- and I was so glad that my plane did not crash! Wayne was not the least bit surprised I made it back safe and sound.


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