Friday, January 18, 2008


Here are some happenings in my neck of the woods----

1. The marathon traing is going well. I forgot that I really enjoy running. I ran 4 miles this morning. I am breaking in my new running shoes and only had one blister. It's finally healed.

2. My sweet hubs ask me to drive to the mountains with him tomorrow. He s pricing a job and wants some company. He also bribed me with promises of a yummy lunch somewhere along the way. I made him promise me that means something more than a pack of peanuts and a Diet Coke. I am so happy that he likes to hang out together. My oldest daughter has her own busy social schedule and she will forgo a four hour drive with her parents( her definition of everlasting torment).

3.I am wanting to tile the backsplash in my kitchen. Look at this: Cool huh??

4.I am working on Ephesians. I'e got to verse 14 memorized. It seems alot harder than James. I love it though! The verses in Ch.1 are so poetic! If you have ever wanted to memorize extended passages of scripture and thought you couldn't check out this

Hope your weekend is as peaceful and enjoyable as mine hopes to be!


jennyhope said...

yay!! I would love if we all did that! You can get it from Lifeway!

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