Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My midweek update (is it Friday yet?)

It's pretty bad when it's only Wednesday night and you were wishing it was Friday already:

1) My bedroom suit is gone and Wayne and I are are cramming our big tall bodies into Virginia's little double bed every night. Not only is the cover hogging an issue, but Wayne's legs are so long, that my bed space per square inch has shrunk significantly. Hopfully Saturday will bring me a beautiful new bedroom suit.

2) Wayne and I are dieting ourselves into our sexy summer bodies with our church's Biggest Loser Program. Wayne is the ultimate diet police. Every morsel that goes in his mouth is followed by "How many calories was that?" For real-- he calls me at work every time he eats something. Needless to say I'm not quite so exact. The way I look at it Reese's Pieces lose about 200 calories per bag if my day exceeds having to see over 25 patients while at work. He's lost 9lbs. I've lost 6.

3)Leslie has had a raging fever for two days now! Wow she has been so sick!UGH!! Her friend Becky had it last week--Obviously brought home more than dirty clothes from her weekend stay with her pal.

4) I just finished reading Nichoals Sparks book-"The Rescue" It was fantastic as usual. It did not make me cry as his books usually do- just had a nice warm adn fuzzy going on.

Only 2 days to go until the weekend! It has been a long week---


Hollie said...

Yeah for a new bedroom suite!!! The Rescue didn't make you cry...for real? I bawled like a baby! Biggest Loser at church huh? I need that! How are you?

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