Friday, February 1, 2008

Easter dresses

Am I the only one who just figured out that Easter comes WAY early this year? Having two daughters lends itself to much excitement and anticipation over selecting Easter dresses. When the girls were babies we did the whole matching outfts. That ended when Leslie was about seven and declared her independance from matching her sister. We still enjoy the whole process of Easter dress selection. When I was a girl my dear sweet grandma made the most wonderful Easter dresses for me and my three sisters. We always got a huge package in the mail about two weeks prior to Easter. When I was 10 she sewed me the most beautiful dress- A light lavender flowered dress with delicate crocheted lace around the collar. Kinda weird that I loved that particular dress, as I was quite the tomboy.
This is my pick this year:

Now I must commit myself to some serious shopping for the perfect brown sandals!


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