Monday, April 21, 2008

I love him because.....

1. He is the prettiest man in Putnam County!
2. He's my baby daddy.
3. He lets me pick where to eat on our Friday night dates.
4. He rubs my back when I have a cough.
5. He has never, never, even in my 9th month of pregnancy even so much as suggested I needed to lose any weight.
6. He prays for me and with me every morning.
7. His upper lip curls in the cutest way when I make him smile.
8. He tells me I'm really smart.
9. He's the best daddy to his little girls, and always says "I love being a girl Dad!"
10. He loves Jesus more than He loves me!


Hollie said...

love you both! :) Have you heard Lauren's news!!!

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