Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm happy because.....

I'm married to the world's greatest handyman and he just spent a few hours this afternoon putting in these awesome floors in my bedroom! They turned out beautiful and my living room and dining room are next!

I rewarded him with this chocolate pie straight off Pioneer Woman. It was delicious!

My annual summer black flip flops were bought today and last years are now banished to the camper for grunge use only.

I logged 45 minutes on this torture device this morning. My sins of the chocolate pie are forgiven!

These two girls helped me make supper and now we are gonna go watch a movie while Daddy watches NASCAR.

Enjoy your worship day tomorrow. He is worthy of all our praise!


DeAnna said...

Love the floors!! Kenny put down some in our kitchen and I love it, wish I could do it throughout my house.

I haven't commented on your blog lately, so Happy Belated birthday, Great job on the weight loss and run (I HATE running, wish I loved it, it just seems so cool :) ) you made me laugh with the song lyrics. :) I hadn't gotten a chance to email you, but I don't have an email for Kim, I have Heidi's and since she's still in Jax, she might have Kim's e-mail or number if you want me to get it from her.

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