Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday gifts......

What is the best birthday gift you have ever given? By far, it was my husbands 24th birthday, when I woke him up about 5am in labor. I would venture to say that 11 hours of labor to produce his offspring was the greatest birthday gift he ever got. We were both 24 and actually very unprepared to try and parent a screaming red haired baby girl. She was a gorgeous baby with red curls all over her head. She is even more gorgeous today, and she and her daddy share more than just a birthday. They both:
1)have VERY long legs.
2)get a kick out of teasing/tormenting people they love.
3)are very quiet and kinda just watch what's going on around them before jumping in.
4)think things through for a long time before making a decision(wish I could master that one!)
5)are loyal to people they love
6)have beautiful blue eyes
7)love to sleep in
8)enjoy making and creating things
9)are the biggest gifts from God to me!

Yeah, actually, I think I am the one who got the best gift!

Happy Birthday Wayne and Leslie!


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